Skills Defined

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List of Skills

Each page details what a given skill does, how it is used, and the best methods to train it.

Combat Skills

Crafting Skills

Resource Skills

Magic Skills

Rogue Skills

Bard Skills

Taming Skills



There are powerskulls in game that will allow you to pick which powerscroll you would like to have from a menu. The skulls can be found as bod rewards, on boss monsters, arty credits, events or by donation


Powerscrolls allow you increase a skill's cap over 100. Scrolls are found in 105, 110, 115, and 120 denominations for each skill. Powerscrolls drop from the Monster Invasion System and Champion Spawns located throughout the Felucca facet. You must defeat the boss and do damage to be eligable to get a scroll drop.

There are also powerscrolls that are earned from bods and from secret vendor stones


When you make your first character, you start with a FREE 700 point skillball to help skip the grind. Most players are veterans and appreciate getting into the game faster.

Advice: Save your skillball for the high ends of the skills, they are much harder to raise the top end and you can buy most of the low end, up to around 40 skill at NPCs in each shop around town.

You can also buy your skills up with a new player package or purchasing individual skillballs to advance you character faster.

Stat Scrolls

The stat cap is set to 300, but it can be increased up to 350 with stat scrolls. The stat scrolls range from +5 up to +50. These scrolls are not stackable, so you must find a +50 to get that increase. The Harrower drops these scrolls in game.