Aquarium Crafting

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Can be purchased from the stone vendor and comes in two directions, south and east facing. When purchased the aquarium will cost 250,000 gold pieces.

Pitcher(s) of Water

In order to care for your aquarium's water health, you will need to have pitchers of water. Pitchers delete when added to tanks, so keep plenty on hand.

Fish Bowl

This bowl can be purchased on the vendor stone as well. When catching fish, you will need a bowl for every fish or else when you pull a fish up into your pack, it will die instantly.

Fish Food

To keep your fish healthy, they will need to be fed. 1 bottle of the fish food equals 1 unit. This item can be purchased from the vendor stone

Aquarium Fish Net

In order to catch fish for your aquarium, you will need one of these half-nets

Vacation Wafer

Because the water and food health of the fish update on an estimated 48 hour cycle, there comes a time when you will not be there to care for your aquarium. The Vacation Wafer will give you 7 days of vacation time with no updating to the tank needed. During this time you will also forfeit events and rewards.

There are many different types of fish. The list below shows the difficulty based on fishing skill to catch each type fish:

0.004 - Shrimp
0.008 - Small Mouth Sucker Fin
0.008 - Spined Scratcher Fish
0.022 - Spotted Buccaneer
0.022 - Yellow Fin Bluebelly
0.030 - Britain Crown Fish
0.030 - Purple Frog
0.032 - Vesper Reef Tiger
0.038 - Killer Frog
0.040 - Albino Frog
0.046 - Long Claw Crab
0.052 - Speckled Crab
0.058 - Jellyfish
0.062 - Nujelm Honey Fish
0.064 - Makoto Courtesan Fish
0.076 - Albino Courtesan Fish
0.082 - Red Dart Fish
0.088 - Minoc Blue Fish
0.090 - Golden Broadtail
0.148 - Fandancer Fish