Zelda Quest

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Zelda Quest

Quest giver: Zelda Princess of Hyrule

Starting point: Darwin City

Quest Reward: Magic Hammer, Giant Hammer, Zelda Sword

To Start this quest talk to Zelda Princess of Hyrule in Darwin City (Use the Public Moongate > New Players > Darwin City).

Click her and choose "Talk", she wants you to kill the Kokiri and bring back the kokiri knife.

Go South of Trammel New Haven into the mountains where you will face the Kokiri, After killed grab the Kokiri knife off the corpse, and bring it back to Zelda.

Next she will want you to retreive the Deku Shield, for this find Yew Heartwood and once there head South and slay the Deku, Upon the Slay of Deku pick up the Deku shield and return to Zelda.

After giving the shield you will have one last task, bring her back the boomerang. To find the boomerang simply goto Tokuno Zento and look along the wood platform for the boomerang, if it isnt there, try again later.

-Slay Kokiri

Return Kokiri Knife

-Slay Deku

Return Deku Shield

-Find Boomerang

Return Boomerang

Upon completing of this quest, along the questline you will gather 3 rewards, Magic Hammer, Giant Hammer, And the legendary Zelda Sword