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Wine Crafting

The Winecrafter NPC and the Vintner are located near Yew at Empath Abbey in the Winecrafter's Association of Sosaria.

Wine Crafting Info

  • Alchemy skill of 80 required. Exceptionally crafted wines can have the vineyard name (maker's mark) and are made as "Special Reserve" wines
  • To add realism, players craft kegs instead of bottles. Kegs must ferment for 7 real world days, before they can be bottled. Kegs are equal to 15.5 gallon kegs and can bottle 75 wine bottles
  • Enhanced Grapevines - Includes gump to place, move, delete vines as well as set which variety of grapevine will hold
  • Grape Picking - Multiple varieties of grapes can be picked from the vine and used in crafted wines.
  • These varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Viognier, and Zinfandel

Winecrafter NPC

  • Sells/Buys grape varieties
  • Sells wine crafting supplies (sugar, yeast, empty wine bottles, and winecrafter kit)
  • Sells the grapevine placement tool and the vineyard ground addon deed.

Vintner NPC

  • Sells/Buys Bottles of wine

How to Winecraft

Requirements for vine placement:

  • Grapevine Placement Tool
  • Vinyard Deed

Requirements for wine making:

  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • empty keg
  • empty bottles
  • label making tool

"Mignon the Winecrafter" is just outside the moongate from 'Yew Bank' at the Empath Abbey Winery. You can buy all the ingredients from him.

Use the Vinyard Deed to place dirt tiles on top of your house. Using the vinyard deed you select a start and end point (X,Y), and anything in between those two points will turn into dirt tiles.

Use the 'Grapevine tool' to place start and ends, and in between on each tile for a vine branch. If you desire another grape variety, the gump (left bottom) gives you a choice of 11 types.

You collect grapes from the vines by simply double clicking each vine. The start and ends will also give you grapes, so don't forget to harvest them as well. You can indefinitely harvest grapes when you have around 30 vines. The yield will be low, so harvesting every few hours will probably yield more grapes for your efforts. The 'high end' grapes can give you failures when trying to harvest them.

In order to make a keg of wine you need 50 'bunch of grapes', and the more fancy the wine is, the harder it will be to make a keg. If you fail in making the keg, you loose all 50 grapes. If you manage to make an exceptional keg, it will be a 'special reserve' type and the wine seller will pay more for these types of bottles.

Varieties of Grapes

Below are the different types, and the required alchemy skill to make a keg:

Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes: 80.0
Chardonnay Grapes: 80.0
Merlot Grapes: 80.0
Pinot Noir Grapes: 80.0
Zinfandel Grapes: 80.0
Chenin Blanc Grapes: 85.0
Riesling Grapes: 85.0
Sangiovese Grapes: 90.0
Sauvignon Blanc Grapes: 90.0
Shiraz Grapes: 90.0
Viognier Grapes: 99.0

Label Making Tool

If you have a 'Label making tool' in your backpack (and used it to choose a name for your winehouse), your keg and bottles will be labeled with your own 'brand'. The tool has to be in your backpack in order to name anything you produce.

Your kegs need 7 days to ferment and produce quality wine. After 7 days you can pour the keg into empty bottles and drink it up or sell them.


You can use your wine bottles to purchase deco from the vendor stones at the Empath Abbey Winery

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