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Custom Weapon Crafting Guide

By Thallos

Many players ask about custom crafted weapons and what to look for when crafting or purchasing a top weapon.

This guide will list the most desirable properties for PvM and PvP weapons and an example of an end game weapon.

There are many other weapon builds, so take a look at some of the top player's weapons and note the combination of their traits

Start by reading the Weapon Leveling System section on the wiki. This will give you the basic understanding of the system

Items you will need to craft a top weapon:

  • High Luck Gear
  • Good Blacksmith Suit with Sockets/Augments
  • High Arms Lore
  • Valorite Runic Hammer
  • +50 ASH Hammer
  • High BS Skill Clothing

The minimum Blacksmith skill is 120, with bonus gear and clothing you can get 240+ BS skill to create some amazing base weapons to level, add sockets/augments and special deeds

PvM Weapons

There many different play styles and many choose to create a weapon specifically tailored to be effective in Player vs Monster combat:

ADD Triple Leeches (Mana, Life and Stamina)

ADD Hit spells (Hit Lightning, Fireball, Magic Arrow and Harm)

Hit Harm is Useless for a ranged weapon.

The more Hit spells you initially craft on the weapon, the more weapon spending points you will have later for other mods.

Many players add a specific slayer property

PvP Weapons

If you want a weapon to be most effective in Player vs Player combat, you may choose to create a weapon with:

Hit lower attack, Hit lower defense and as many hit spells as possible on weapon when crafted.

Leeches do not work against other players.

Champ Axe

"What is a Champ Axe?"

Champ Axes are player crafted double axes that are specifically designed to do Champion Spawns. They have, as their secondary ability a whirlwind attack. This attack will hit all mobs that are surrounding you. This ability uses mana. When you have a triple leech champ axe you will leech mana, life and stamina with each successful hit while using the whirlwind ability.

Add Triple leech, and at least one hit spell, preferably 2 hit spells and eventually add some hit area attack points ie; cold, fire, poison and energy.

All weapons and most gear can be socketed and have augments added to them.

I have only listed the basics on weapon mods. You can ask other players to show you their weapons on their paperdoll to get an idea of what you might want on your weapons.

PvM/PVP weapon

Here is an example of an all around, end game weapon with maxed mods

  • Damage increase 50+
  • Hit Fireball 50
  • Hit Harm 50
  • Hit Life Leech 50+
  • Hit Lightning 50
  • Hit Lower attack 50
  • Hit Lower defense 50
  • Hit Magic arrow 50
  • Hit Mana leech 50+
  • Hit Stamina leech 50+

(+add deeds)

These stats are obtainable, but extremely rare so don't expect to get one exactly perfect like the above example

Deeds and Extra Mods

There are many deeds and mods that can be added by obtaining them in game or from donation. Do not use spending points on these traits, because they can be added on later with deeds

  • Spell Channel Deed
  • Self repair Deed
  • One Handed Deed
  • Mage Weapon Deed
  • Use Best Weapon Skill
  • Specific Slayer Property

Sockets and Augments

There are many combinations of Sockets/Augments

Popular augments are:

  • Triple Slash