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Darwin’s staff has no desire to spend time wearing our police hats. We would like for people to spend as much of their game time enjoying the content we offer, as it was intended. With our development still in early stages, our main concerns at this point are grind circumventions, currency/loot exploits, unfair spawn point camping, and any other exploitation of bugs that may be floating around. We take these things very seriously and pursue them very proactively. We have a number of measures we take to find and correct bugs and to learn of players exploiting broken systems. We will pay you comprehensively if you report bugs or exploits, or point the staff in the direction of what is found to be wrongdoing. You can choose to be recognized for your efforts, if you wish, but generally we will take careful measure to avoid any actions that may compromise your identity unless they are absolutely necessary.

If you report a bug, especially one that is exploitable or highly potentially profitable, what we will pay/give you for it will directly reflect the power of the exploit. If you find a bug that made it possible to instantly spawn mongbats somewhere as fast as you could kill them, there is an obvious limit to the profit ceiling of that bug, and the work involved in exploiting it would likely be more profitably applied elsewhere. However, if you were to find (for the sake of ridiculous example) a bug that allowed you to instantly kill and respawn a boss ad infinitum, or generate nearly unlimited loot from something, your payout for detailing a report would be something along the lines of a heavy DD reward and potentially the rare drop from the boss concerned. If you're found to be exploiting that bug rather than reporting it, you'll likely face account action in the form of suspension or banning, removal of funds we consider to be ill gotten gains, and the deletion of loot or gear we know would be gainable through said exploit.


For now, I will limit rules to a vague but understandable platitude. In general, just use courtesy and best practices when dealing with other players. Don't make the goal of your game time to be ruining someone else's game time. If you're in a non-PvP zone and another player wants to farm whatever you're farming, it's generally understood you should swap out kills or party up and work together. This is what you would probably want vs fighting over mob/quest/spawn locations. If you wish to engage something already engaged by a player, just ask them, and wait for a response.

That being said, Should you choose to venture to a PvP-enabled zone to hunt, you assume all the risks associated with doing so. People can kill you with 100 hp left on your boss and take it from your twenty times in a row if you allow them to. Complaining about someone fairly PK’ing you in PvP-zones is not a thing that will be heard or intervened in by staff. The obvious exclusion to this rule is when it escalates to the level of controlling your game time through griefing. If someone is camping your body to prevent you getting your corpse in order to kill you repeatedly or they are forcing a situation in which you are unable to gain access to resurrection, these ARE things we would like to know about.


Will update as this becomes relevant -Mayor


lf for any reason you are ever subjected to account action, the staff member administering MUST make attempts to communicate with you in order to establish a reason for the action performed. If a jailing, suspension, or banning occurs, we will give you a term length ranging from as little as a few hours all the way up to permanently, but we will never do so without making certain you understand what is happening.

Jail System
At the discretion of the prosecuting staff member, you may be put through any number of the several jail systems we have in place. Some require time sentences, some have quests to get through them. Some might have an item that spawns for 30 seconds a few times a day that you have to pick up and turn in in order to be released from that cell. This will depend on the nature of your offense.

We will strive to be reasonably consistent with punishment, but understand your standing as an individual is considered heavily when passing down judgment. Someone who is consistently a problem is more likely to receive a harsher sentence and less likely to receive any leniency, much as in real life.

Respect and Maturity

Just be decent to each other. Pretend there is a staff member present and listening to you talk, cus you never know when one will be. We won't intervene in feuds or quibbles between players. They are bound to happen and drive UO to be what it is. You don't have to like each other, but don't make your goal in communication to demean someone. It's better to walk away if you're at that point with someone.

Contacting the Owner:

Please always follow these steps before sending a page or contacting Methril or Mayor:

1. Try to find info by exploring, testing and general common sense
2. Explore the moongates, its set to take you to all the main spots, quests, vendors, cities dungeons etc
3. Read the website UOD Website and all the Rules
4. Read the UOD Forum, the FAQ, q&a, and info
5. Google it
6. Use the internet resources, I like UO Stratics and UO Guide for general game info and the quest walk thrus
7. Use the chat [c system to ask players
8. Ask a junior staff member if you see them/ask a guild/ask a nearby player
9. Send a general help page, using the <help> button at the top of your screen
10. Page a specific staff member [pm name

One Account, Five Characters

Each player is allowed one account and five characters only. ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE ADMINISTRATOR. Players are not permitted to share accounts or give access of their account to any other player. You are to represent your characters at all times. You may delete your current characters and start another one at any time so long as you only occupy five character slots at a time. Characters under one week old may not be deleted.

Accounts are the property of the shard. Player's accounts may be suspended, banned or deleted for violation of the rules. Players may not buy or sell their accounts.


Yes, macroing is allowed. Please see the Razor & Macros page for detailed information. Please no unattended crafting, resource gathering or killing mobs.


Advertising anything other than the UO Darwinism project ingame, on our forums, or in our voice servers is expressly prohibited without prior consent from the Administrator. Doing so risks banning of your account and IP address.

Please do not spam public chat for any reason. We do not allow macros or automated messages of any kind.

No afk spam messages at britain bank

No selling items or pets at britain bank. Do not park your pets "for sale" in public areas

If you are selling items, you may use the trade channel [tr to send one message per half hour. Make sure the message is unique and typed, not an automated macro

Please use the proper forum board to list your items for sale or make a vendor


If you enter Felluca facet, you might cross Murderers/reds/pks. You might get killed. If you don't wish to participate in pvp you can leave while being a ghost, use stuck option to leave, ressurect and use your teleporter etc...After taking a res you have quite some times to dress again while being invicible.

Player vs Player

This shard encourages dueling and guild rivalries. The human element mixed with dynamic combat is one of the features of Ultima that makes this game so exciting.

UO Darwinism allows PVP combat but requires "Player Killers"(PK)to allow defeated players to fully recover before attacking them again. This shard does not allow "Rez Killing" or "griefing" other players. We allow for good vs evil roleplaying and want the shard to be fun for all.

Player Killing or Player Looting at staff run events is NEVER allowed, no matter what facet

Do not camp out at spawns, moongates or player's homes

Cutting off heads is allowed after a kill, but do not do this during events or other type of gathering where this behavior would be considered unwelcome by the staff

Always try to be fair and consider how you would feel if the situation was reversed. If someone complains or is not having fun, then the rule of thumb is you were probably violating a rule

Do not target young, new or inexperienced players. Lessons can be learned without ruining a player's experience on this shard. Please use some common sense and common courtesy.

Never bully a player or intentionally try to run off a player either by actions or words. If there is a legitimate problem with a player, please notify a GM and let us take care of the situation.

Stealing, Thieving, Deception, Lost Items

These skills are not allowed in Trammel and the other safe facets. Gamemasters will punish players who prey on new players in this manner. Please do not scam players out of items or trick them with lies. That being said, experienced players should know better and be on guard at all times.

Do not lure unsuspecting players from Trammel to Felucca with the promise of gifts or help, and then kill or ambush them. If players want to be in Felucca they will travel there without deception.

We do allow players to use these tactics in Felucca, so players beware! If you get scammed, lied to or ripped off, the gamemasters will not replace anything or get involved in this situation. No crying!

You are NEVER allowed to steal or loot another player at events!

See the Lost Items Section

Champion Spawns

Please use common courtesy when you are at group events or champion spawns.

Champ Spawns are considered a group activity and anyone is allowed to join in before the spawn is at 8 candles. After the spawn has progressed past 8 candles, you need to ask permission to join in from the person that was at the spawn first.

Do Not camp out in the champion spawn areas. Do not use a "ghost" or alt character to camp/watch a champion timer

You are NEVER allowed to steal a champ on any facet, except Felucca

DO NOT grief or interfere with another group doing a champ spawn in a safe facet

BEWARE: Please read the rules related to player killing and the Felucca facet. Player killing and champion spawn stealing is a common occurrence in these areas of Felucca. New players should stay clear of these areas until you feel confident in your ability to PvP

Monster Stealing

There are many Monsters and Bosses that require keys/special items to summon. You are never allowed to engage that monster unless you actually used the key on the safe facets (You may monster steal in Felucca)

Do not jump in and steal monsters from other players. If the monster is already engaged with a player you need to ask permission unless you are in Felucca

Please be respectful and do not camp the special item spawns