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What is Roleplaying

Roleplaying is the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, like an actor in a play or a character in a book. While roleplaying may seem a little strange for those who have never experienced it before, the reality is that it is just another way for players to enjoy the shard!

Roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, were originally published as books, which explained the rules, environment and characters. One person was selected to be the GM (Game master/storyteller) who would verbally lead you through quest storylines. The players spoke out loud to the group and described what they were doing and saying.

RP is optional, but encouraged

UO Darwinism is a private free Ultima Online shard with emphasis on PVM and limited PVP. We don't focus on UO roleplay, or RP as it's called, but we do encourage players to enjoy this style of play. There is a guild you can join or you can just participate when an event is scheduled for public enjoyment. UO roleplayers will find an exciting fantasy world based on the original Ultima Online Game, along with our own custom content and storylines.

There is a Tavern, located in Skara Brae Trammel, where the roleplayers meet and start adventures

Roleplay Events

If you want to participate in RP events, you must create a RP character and join one of these 4 RP guilds - Orcs, Elves, Gargoyles or Pirates!

Learn the Lore

Learn the shard lore of UO Darwinism. Being well versed in the history and lore can help enhance storylines and link up with other shard themes that make sense. Here is a great resource to learn the history of Ultima Online

History of Sosaria

Creating the Character

Roleplaying Guide for Character Creation

We have 4 races, Humans, Elves, Gargoyles and Orcs to use in RP, see the "Create your Character" section of the New Player Guide

Make sure you add your character avatar, description and background information to the roleplaying section of the forums for others to read. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible, so the RP community can include you in their storylines.

Character setup

So, where does one begin if interested in roleplay on UOD?

Firstly, your character must select a race. In UOD, we are given the races Human, Elven and Gargoyle. Now remember the tool of roleplayers: creativity. We can indeed play races besides those two, but be VERY careful what you decide to roleplay. I'll list the more commonly used non-standard races under specialized roleplay.

  • Race

Humans: Now, you are well versed in humans. Standard real world human names work just fine. There really isn't much special to have in mind when making a human character. One of the core five races of Ultima lore.

Elves: Elves have a unique history and mentality. Elves are use in plenty of roleplay worlds; go watch Lord of the Rings, you'll get the idea. Haughty, arrogant, condescending, you name it. One of the core races of Ultima lore.

Gargoyles: The last of the core Ultima races, Gargoyles are also extremely rarely roleplayed by players. Deserves its own section, won't go into detail. If you are very interested in gargoyles, look up info on the old Ultima games, or play one.

Orcs: See special section

There are many others that roleplay being the creatures found under the polymorph and animal form list, as well as other undead and races. Ask around for advice if you have an idea that has no precedent.

Now, once you've decided the race, name, and appearance for your character, it is time to decide what your roleplay will be about. You might as well come up with skills you want, as they can sometimes lead to an interesting roleplay concept. So, on to...

  • Specialized Race Roleplay:

Here I will list some of the uncommonly roleplayed, but accepted races and roleplay styles.

Orcs: See the detailed section below abould how to play an Orc

Half-Orcs: Noted for strength and an amazing knack for group battle tactics (and not noted for their intelligence), orcs are one of the core five races of Ultima lore. They follow the Bloodgod, of which I know little; I'd reccomend asking an Orc or reading their website. All orcs to my knowledge are all in the Stormreaver Orc guild.

Drow: Dark elves from the Forgotten Realms books. I suggest reading some Drow books (such as war of the spider queen) to better understand them before roleplaying one. They do not exist in Ultima lore but are an accepted race to roleplay. Drow are elves with charcoal or dark, dark grey skin, and pure white to platinum blonde-ish colored hair, generally with red eyes. Drow with blue eyes usually have surface elf traces in their bloodline. Followers of Lolth, the spider queen, drow consider spiders sacred. They are almost ALWAYS chaotic evil; Lolth also only has female priestesses, as the entire race is female run. Really, read the books, they will explain 1,000,000x better than I can ever hope to.

Dwarves: Despite being one of the five core Ultima races (also know as mountain men) these are rarely roleplayed. (There is some speculation that this race will be playable with Kingdom Reborn; we will have to wait and see.) Watch LOTR for more on dwarves.

Vampires: The Masquerade lore and clans for its vampire roleplay. This deserves its own section and I won't get into detail over vampire roleplay here.

Werewolves (Lycanthropes): Generally unroleplayed, but not unheardof. Follows the World of Darkness lore (of which Vampire: The Masquerade is a part of) from what I remember, but we haven't had a werewolf roleplayer in ages.

Liches and other undead: Liches and vampires are (generally, there are exceptions) the only sentient undead out there. Some undead are still roleplayed today, and this is considered a prestigeous roleplay style. Don't attempt unless you are well versed in undead roleplay and necromancy.

Other: Remember, creativity is the name of the game. If not human, elf, one of the above listed races, an elven/dwarven subrace of some kind, your best bet is posting in the general forum and ask what everyone thinks of your idea.


  • Personality, history, edges, flaws, alignment

Really, everything that makes up your character besides what race and class they are. Is your character paranoid? A jerk? Is your character kind, forgetful, lazy, determined? About the only things you have to remember here are, be creative, have fun, but also be careful not to take every edge and roleplay bonus imaginable without any negatives. For every edge you have, pick a flaw; this will make for a very interesting character. Remember that edges and flaws do not have to be extremely obvious; I know of a few -HUGE- secrets that old roleplayers have that are STILL not discovered, but the hints are there in underlying roleplay. Characters that have deep, dark secrets that they don't want discovered often make the most interesting people to roleplay with. Every character is a book that lasts years, with twists and turns; make sure that your story is interesting, unique, and not overly 'out there'. You don't have to be a demi-god or have an extraordinary history to be interesting; sometimes the plainest characters make the most interesting ones.


A word on alignments...generally goes with 'good, neutral and evil', but many adhere to or have adopted the D&D alignment system.

So, you have your character. History, race, class, personality, edges and flaws, alignment... You are ready to begin.

Converting non-roleplay characters

Also a quick word on converting non-roleplay characters to roleplay ones. Not everyone has the time to start a brand new character, but remember a few key things when using a non-roleplay character as a roleplay character: Non-roleplay named characters are somewhat immersion breaking, and some will be less tolerant of others. It would be a solid investment, down the road, to buy a character name change token. Until then, simply put in your profile your 'roleplay name', and introduce yourself as that name. Other roleplayers will understand and adopt it; your name floating above your head is not nessicarily 'your name'. I will elaborate on this later under metagaming.

Do's and Don'ts

Or mostly, just don'ts...

Let us start with godmoding and metagaming. I am simply going to copy/paste from another post of mine where I think I sufficiently covered them:

  • Godmoding

Godmoding - The name is homage to the old Doom and Hexen and Wolfenstein games' "God Mode" cheat, where you can do whatever you like and have every weapon in the game because, simply, you are a god. In Ultima Online and a roleplay setting, godmoding is the act of doing something (99% of the time via emotes) that the game mechanics cannot represent; A.K.A. something you -simply can't do-. However some 'godmoding', A.K.A. "*he laughs, as dark energies swirl around his hand*" or other such harmless emotes are generally fine. "Godmoding" is used, 90% of the time, on players that do an action/emote to another player without allowing them to resist. It could be as small as "*hits him in the head with a thrown rock*" or as large as "*picks him up and eats him in one bite*" or "*shoots an arrow through your neck, killing you instantly*" or "*banishes you from space and time*" or perhaps claiming to control an invisible army of 100 soldiers that nobody can hurt whatsoever. Remember there are alternatives. Instead of dictating what happens with the rock, just emote *throws a rock at him*. Mostly try -attempting- things. *attempts to push the man over*.

Likewise, if someone is attempting something on you, think of your stats. You aern't Neo, don't dodge everything if you have 25 dex, and if you are wearing full platemail armor (haha yeah right) then you wouldn't be very good at balancing if someone pushes you over. Likewise, note that some emotes, even if not affecting another player, might be viewed as godmoding as per the 'not represented by gameplay mechanics' thing. I have seen rituals done well like this, but I have also seen some *points at a mountain and it explodes* kind've stuff. If it seems outrageous, don't do it. And remember that we are all here to have fun... Don't godmode another player without their permission, don't ruin anyone elses day.

  • Metagaming

Metagaming - This is when your character learns something that they could not possibly have learned, but they know it because you, their player, knows it. This is huge. Anything from OOC contact with other players, to IC posts that your character was not present at (don't do the 'I was outside standing under the window, I heard the whole thing!' unless the author gives you explicit permission), knowing things that you learned on another character, or it can be small things nobody would even think about. Say you are deep inside your castle and all the sudden you see a fight outside. Oh no! Rush and help! NO.

Your character sees with two eyes, directly in front of them. You do not have eyes in the back of your head, and you do not see from a 3/4 overhead view. You do not have X-ray vision, you do not see through walls. If there is a window, or its a thin house ( a.k.a. not in a big keep with 2 huge stone walls blocking the sound) you might hear the sounds of battle and investigate. If you think it is metagaming, just think, 'did my character learn about it? or did i?'.


Communication - When communicating in an In Character (IC) fashion, several internet shortcuts are not to be used. Shortened words such as 'lol' and 'imho' and such have to go, as well as smileys. While you don't need perfect punctuation, capitalization and spelling to roleplay, try to type as if you were writing a book for others to read. Nobody wants to read a book along the lines of "lol but liek ur such a noob necormancer, wud u liek 2 duel? Very Happy". This is also extremely immersion breaking, and is not acceptable. So, at worst, don't use internet acronyms, smileys, symbols, etc. Everything should be spoken, or emoted.

We have added a private roleplay teamspeak channel for players to communicate. There are several guild channels also that are specificalyy for roleplay.

There is also a custom roleplay channel in-game, you can type [RP and then your message to communicate with other players that wish to RP

Out of Character(OOC) chat comes in the form of parenthesis, I.E., (Must go AFK, brb!!). OOC chat in game is to be used only in extreme, emergency circumstances, where you literally have only seconds to type and MUST convey the message as quickly as possible. If you have more than a few seconds, you can denote AFK roleplaywise, I.E., *closes eyes in meditation* and use *awakens from his/her meditation* when you return. There are many forms of OOC communication and parenthesis are to be used as an extreme last resort.

Also note that many game mechanics are OOC, but can easily be roleplayed. You wouldn't tell someone, "My sword is excellent; It boasts 32% hit lightning, and 25% swing speed increase!". You would probably say something along the lines of, "My sword is excellent; It boasts a magical enhancement to how quickly I can swing it, and is charged with electricity and can often reinforce my strike with a bolt of lightning." Skills are another one; A suggetion is to use the built in game levels; If you want to tell someone IC'ly that you have 110 necro, 110 spirit speak, 100 magery, 100 evalint, 90 med and 90 poisoning, you could say "I am an elder in the necromantic arts, an elder medium as well... I have grandmastered magery, and am also a grandmaster in the ways of evaluating intelligence. I have mastered meditation and am also a master in the use of poisons."

Here is the chart:

Legendary 120
Elder 110+
Grandmaster 100+
Master 90+
Adept 80+
Expert 70+
Journeyman 60+
Apprentice 50+
Novice 40+
Neophyte 30+


1. Stay IC at all times.

2. Be respectful to other roleplayers. While you can roleplay conflict, negativity, even hatred for others IC'ly, do not be rude to other roleplayers on an OOC level. They are here to have fun just like you.

3. Do not Kill on Sight. Each community has rules for PVP. Know them.

4. Do not loot other players without permission beforehand.

Player vs Player(PVP):

Walks up to you on an armored swamp dragon "Duel me?"

Player versus Player, or PVP, is a large part of roleplay. Roleplay generally includes conflict, and the direct embodiment and representation of conflict in Ultima Online is PvP. It will happen; roleplay accordingly. If you are being challenged to a fight, and you do not back down clearly (no need to grovel, just express the fact that you do not wish to fight) then they have every right to kill you, provided the encounter and conflict was roleplayed out at least somewhat beforehand, long enough to give you a chance to back down.

There may be some circumstances where it may be in someones character to attack you even if you do not back down; remember that if you roleplay a character someone might want to attack (annoying, obnoxious, you are evil and they are good, you are good and they are evil, etc) there may be some roleplay instances where someone will attack you whether or not you back down; these are not common, however. If there was no roleplay before a fight (and a kill on sight status was not agreed upon OOC beforehand), that person has broken rules. Contact their guildmaster immediately and let them know. If you were roleplayed with briefly, a'la "I don't like you. Prepare to die!" and you are killed, or other such rushed, poor roleplay, it is a good idea to take a screenshot of your journal and send it off to that persons guildmaster to explain.

Remember a key thing here: Do not get upset if you die, even if you were attacked without reason. It is just a game. Also, all is fair in love, war and roleplay, so if you try your best and lose, roleplay with it, don't get upset OOC.

Roleplaying Tips

1. Take off your helmet when you are not fighting. Think about it… those things were stuffy! UOA has a built-in macro for “remove hat” which is very handy.

2. Don’t walk around carrying your weapons and shield. The only times you should have weapons drawn are when a fight is about to break out. Think of it the same way as how you might act if you were carrying a gun in RL. A sword and shield are just like that in UO. You wouldn’t just walk around with it in your hand, because that would be very threatening to people. Perhaps some arrogant lout might brandish his sword in a tavern when he’s in his cups, but Lady Arcana expects better behavior from the Knights of Sosaria.

3. Don’t use modern slang or internet speak such as “lol”, smileys, or even “hehe”. Use emotes instead such as *laughs* *frowns* *smiles* *guffaw* *chuckle* etc. Also, emotes are generally acceptable only for gestures, facial expressions, and noises. Emotes such as *thinks Rhen’s hat looks silly* are amusing amongst ourselves, but aren’t really proper in common RP as no one else would be able to hear your thoughts. A more RP-appropriate version of the same thing might be *points and laughs at Rhen’s hat*. Emotes can be used in 2D by typing a colon and a space or just a colon in 3D.

4. Try to avoid speaking occ around other RPers. This includes talking in [brackets] which should really be saved for emergency ooc like [gotta log, cat set my desk on fire!] or [one sec, phone] or [sorry, lost conn]. In general, party chat is best for ooc talk. Simply start a party, use ICQ, or recall to an area more secluded if you need to chat ooc about something.

5. Just as real people are not perfect, no character should be without flaws, weaknesses, fears, and shortcomings. This gets back to the definition of god-moding. Remembering that your character is an imperfect person will make them more believable and realistic. It will also make your RP more in-depth and your char more fun for others to be around.

6. RP should never cause distress to another player. Always remember that there is a real person on the other end of the screen, and your RP should not be hateful or meant to grief or cause stress. We’re here to have fun.

  • Dealing with Troublemakers:

Sooner or later it will happen. You will encounter a so-called RPer who meta-games, is god-moding or is just a complete ass...The majority of the time, someone takes advantage of the Trammel ruleset and not being warred to a guild in order to god-mode. The best thing to do is stay IC no matter what, and try to deal with them or just ignore them if they are being completely unreasonable. And remember you can insult someone all you want IC, just don’t start emoting things like *kills them* because that would also be god-moding. *grin* Any time you have a problem, make a note of their name, their guild tag, and tell me about it. I will deal with these kind of situations directly with their GM. Arguing about some immature jerk’s behavior with them on the spot never works out well and it just brings us down to their level. Most importably, its just a game. Have a thick skin, don’t let other people’s BS and issues ruin your good time, and remember for the sake of perspective that the people you see acting like immature morons in UO are, in fact, immature morons in RL too!

  • RP Terms

Below are some terms commonly used by role-players:

IC (In Character) – refers to total immersion into your character. When IC you separate the UO world from the real world, remaining true to the role you are playing. You differentiate between what you know and what your character knows.

OOC (Out of Character) – refers to real world chat

Metagaming – using OOC knowledge in game that your character should not, or would not know.

Godmoding – abilities, actions, and attitudes that hinder the RP of the players around you (Example: the power to control minds at will, banishing people from space and time, playing a character with no weaknesses, etc.)

Elitism – the notion that one person’s style of RP is better than another’s.

  • Tips for Successful RP

RP, like anything else, takes time and effort. The beauty of it is that you are not confined to the game’s restrictions. You are only bound to your creativity. Here I will list some helpful tips to keep in mind when role-playing.

Role-play! Stay IC as often as you can. You don’t have to RP 100% of the time, but the more you do it the better you will become.

Develop a background for your character. Where does your character come from? How tall is he or she? What are his or her mannerisms like? Your characters profile is a valuable tool. It allows you to give people a general idea of what your character’s make up is like. Use it to make your character unique.

If your character is a race other than human… research the race a bit. Find out the benefits and drawbacks of playing that particular race. Keep in mind the common features of the race when coming up with your looks and personality.

Emote, emote, emote! Remember that you -are- your character. Emotes aid you in expressing what you’re doing in game. When you laugh, they should laugh. If you sit down, try emoting *pulls out the chair and sits*. These add flavor to your character and style, and enable you to accomplish tasks that are not possible through game mechanics. You can emote by pressing colon, then space, then typing what you wish to emote.

Never confuse IC and OOC. Always be conscious of what you know IC and what you know OOC. Never mix the two up. This can lead to the ruining of plots, both yours and those of other players.

Avoid using internet shortcuts and excessive OOC chat. Internet shortcuts such as lol, lmao, rofl, brb, afk, and bbiab, while acceptable in some places, are often frowned upon. When you wish to express something such as laughter, crying, etc. use emotes.

When you need to tell someone something OOC such as going away from your keyboard, brackets are the common means of doing so. However, brackets should not be overly used. Someone who says: [hey, afk for a minute] and someone having an OOC discussion via brackets is the difference between a good role-player and a poor one.

Avoid metagaming, godmoding, and elitism. All three are bad habits. They tend to force other players into situations they do not want to be in. Don’t play a god, or a being with god-like powers. Play out your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

And most importantly… remember that this is a game! This is indeed a game, and every character you interact with inside it has a player with feelings at the helm. Be courteous and respectful of others and they will do the same to you.

Adult content role play rules:

We all are adults, and should be able to handle ourselves in a mature fashion. Make sure you read the Rules Section, these still apply.

1. Always ask before you enter into adult conversations

2. No means NO! Please do not continue any adult conversations with someone that does not wish to participate

3. Remember line of sight. Make sure you are in a private area, no public adult conversations

  • Rating system that should be put in your paper doll

R - general adult language, adult topics and violence

X - R but more explicit,

XXX - no holds barred with consent

Pirate RP Guild

About the Pirate Guild

If ye want to join the Pirates Guild, or if ye wonder about what rules apply for interaction with the Pirates crew, ye should read the following articles! We specifically mind about keeping the rules as simple as possible.

We are a fun group of veteran players that enjoy roleplaying pirates and engaging in mutual consent PVP combat

Guild Rules

If ye join us, ye have to show some minium activity in the guild. Members not showing up for a long time without giving a reason will be demoted and receive the title "Deck Swab" or "Scullery-Maid". Also, participating in discussions in our Forum is strongly recommended!

Our crew members are supposed to look like pirates! Our dress code prohibits neon colored outfit and landlubber clothes. Avoid plate armor, or at least try to hide it! Allowed headdresses: Skullcap, tricorne, bandana.

As a member of the most dreaded pirate crew, ye should behave like a pirate! Pirates have rough manners, are sometimes rude and despise landlubbers. No landlubber talk and abbreviations ("sup", "np", "ty" and so on). Feel free to incorporate any kind of dialect or drunken babbling into yer language, if ye like. If you want to talk out of character, use guild or party chat.

If a crew member asks for help in a serious matter, the available pirates should respond. Also, we expect some team spirit from our crew members. Ye can go on adventures all by yerself, of course. But crew activities should always have a higher priority.

Rules of Engagement

The following simple rules were determined to make guild interaction and guild wars more fun, by adding a minimum of role playing background to conflicts and avoiding grieving of other players. They should apply to all guilds declaring war on us (and on each other). All involved guilds should decide for themselves on the extent of their role playing.

GIVE YOUR CONFLICT A BACKGROUND! We are no murderers! We focus on guild wars with some role playing background. Guild wars are meant to be a challenge and fun to all parties involved! We do not go on mindless killing sprees.

NO GRIEFING! Plundering loot is part of the game, however only take what you need! No need to desicrate the remains of yer victim always stay in character and make sure everyone is having fun! Although all guildmasters check their applicants carefully before adding them, it can never fully be guaranteed that a black sheep hasn't sneaked into a guild and breaks this rule. Thus it is strongly recommended to insure valuable items when interacting with Pirates!

NO KILLING ON SIGHT! Killing on sight is to be avoided, except in specially arranged war situations! If you attack an enemy, there should always be a context to it. Maybe he refused to pay tribute. Or he provoked an attack. There are many reasons to start fighting. But we do not attack without a reason and we do not attack on sight!

NO ATTACKING OF THE DEFENSELESS! Attacking people while they are obviously away from the keyboard, while they are at the bank, or immediately after resurrection (res killing), is not allowed! The victim should be given a fair chance to defend himself or flee.

ANY EQUIPMENT, ANY TACTICS! You are allowed to use your favorite equipment and combat strategy. Restrictions always penalize someone and spoil the fun. You will soon find out that your tactics and coordination weigh much more than items.

NO WHINING! If you feel that something unfair happened, talk to your guild master! Public whining and complaining is frowned upon. Everything can be worked out, if the parties concerned with the incident really want to solve the issue. UO is a game and it should be fun!

SHOW YOUR ALLEGIANCE! Make sure to show your guild abbreviation. People have the right to know who they're dealing with and adds to our reputation.

DYING IN BATTLE! Don't be afraid of dying in battle, be infamous!

History of the Pirate Guild

Pirates are fun and have a rich historical storyline and lore to roleplay. We started this guild way back on the original Ultima Online servers and have been having playing for years on many of the free shards.

We always make excuses to party!

"Talk Like A Pirate Day" be celebrated on September 19, 'n would-be buccaneers who'd be tryin' t' natter like a corsair had best learn t' speak th' lingo. If ye reckon that jus' sayin' "arrrr" at th' end o' every utterance will fill yer sails 'n float yer ship, reckon again, landlubber. It'll jus' get ye tossed o'erboard! So don't settle fer bein' an imitation pirate:learn how t' be authentic n' colorful, like a real swashbucklin' scallywag o' th' sea!

Pirate Language

Try out this Pirate Language Translator to get your lingo down:
Pirate Language Translator

Here are some tips to help you roleplay as a pirate:

  • Growl—and scowl—often. Pirates don't use a cultured, elegant, smooth vocalization. They growl, mutter, and scowl, all the better t' rattle yer timbers an' chill ye to th' bone.
  • Use pirate lingo. Sounding like a pirate ain't hard t' do. Thar be lots o' fancy tools for picking up pirate lingo, includin' online dictionaries, even iPhone apps. Make use of them.
  • Try to affect a swashbucklin' attitude with your delivery. There be nothin' as unconvincin' as a shy pirate.
  • Avoid using modern epithets (swear words). It's much more colorful (and kid-friendly) to use "pirate slang" for those naughty words, or learn entire creative ways to say the same thing. For example, instead of saying somebody smells like dog droppings, say "Ye smell like ye been swimmin' in the bilge!"
  • Gesture with your hands frequently. If ye need t' be drivin' the point home, gesticulate! Don't forget that buccaneers do most of their natterin' on th' deck o' a ship—out on t' ocean, where wind, waves, n' bird calls make it tough t' hear. Gesturing often gives you a sense of "being there." Just be careful wavin' that hook around. Ye could put n' eye out!
  • Slur your words together. Saying, "The boys and I were out for a lovely day on the water today" sounds like something you'd overhear at a snooty yacht club, not out on the bounding main, and th' only Dave Jones they know is the one from the Monkees! •Instead, try, "Me 'n' these here scurvy scallywags drug our sorry keesters out t'th'ship'n'had us a grand great adventuaaarrr! We almost had t'keelhaul Mad Connie f'r gettin inter th' grog behind our backs!" Always drop your Gs, and use contractions whenever possible. Be sure to punctuate often with "Arrrr!"
  • Never ever use "you" or "you're." Instead, use the piratical form, "yer", "ye" or "ya" for all forms of address to others. "Yer a scurvy bilge rat, ya pompous gasbag." or, "Here's yer dinner, ya mangey cockroach." Note that you should always endeavor to call the addressee by some insulting name, usually involving an animal, criminal, or noxious odor.
  • Embellish at will. A pirate be larger than life, and a buccaneer's bellowings should always reflect this. Don't just say, "We saw a whale off the starboard bow today." Say, "Me'n'th' crew seen a great grand sea beastie, th' mother of all whales, aye, an' then th' kraken came!"
  • Refer to yourself as "me" at all times, never "I." It is not piratically correct to say, "I have a cold." It is far better as a pirate to declare, "Got me a case o'th'sniffles, 'ass rye!"
  • More importantly, substitute "me" for "my." For example, don't say, "Look at my new sword," say "Lookit me new sword!" Also substitute "meself" for "myself" as in "Got meself a right fine ship!"
  • Mutter unintelligibly unless yelling. Being a pirate usually meant being liquored up to some degree. A lot of time, pirates were pretty mush-mouthed. In the step preceding, the term "'ass rye" actually translates to "that's right." Get it? Aye, ye better or ye be walkin' the plank, ye pustulant, pox-ridden flounder!"
  • Be as loud, abrasive, and confident as humanly possible. Pirates ain't fer bein' shy. Stand tall, me hearties, and be counted!
  • Get a parrot!

Pirate Vocabulary

Ahoy! - "Hello!"

And ye may lay to that! - "You betcha!"

Arrr! - This is often confused with "arrrrgh," which is, of course, the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. "Arrrr!", like "Aloha," means variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," "My team is going to win it all," "I saw that television show, it sucked!" and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

Avast! - derived from "hold fast". Stop and give attention. This word, like many pirate words, has multiple meanings, so it can also can be used in place of, "Whoa! Get a load of that!" "Check it out," "No way!" or "Get off!"

Aye! - "Yes!"

Aye aye! - "I understand what you said and I will carry out your order!"

Be - "Am, is, are." As in "I (or Me) be goin' t' get more grog, he be goin' t' get more grog, and they be goin' t' get more grog." This will also avoid confusion between "are" and "arrr" or "arrgh."

Beauty – The best possible pirate address for a woman. Always preceded by "me," as in, "C'mere, me beauty," or even, "me buxom beauty," to one particularly well endowed. You'll be surprised how effective this is.

Belay - To immediately cease or stop. Usually used in a disgusted context such as "Belay that landlubber talk!!"

Bilge rat – The bilge is the lowest level of the ship. It's loaded with ballast and slimy, reeking water. A bilge rat, then, is a rat that lives in the worst place on the ship. Pirates, just like their modern-day counterparts (regular guys), love to joke and jibe with their buddies. By all means, pirates will call their buddies "bilge rats."

Booty - Anything of value a pirate can plunder.

Bung hole – It's the hole in a wooden barrel, usually sealed with a cork. To get what's in the barrel out, usually, the cork is pried out, opening the bung hole. Saying, "Well, me hearties, let's see what crawled out of the bung hole" will often be accompanied by the sound of 21st century citizens running for their lives. Yay! Dinner for one, coming up!

Colors - See also, "Hoist the Colors!" The Pirate flag, with many variations. Designed to strike terror into your opponent, many times they would not even fight back, immediately surrendering.

Davy Jones' Locker - Where the souls of drowned pirates go.

Grog – An alcoholic drink, usually rum diluted with water and lime juice, but in this context you could use it to refer to any alcoholic beverage other than beer, and we aren't prepared to be picky about that, either.

Hoist the Colors! - To raise the Pirate flag before attacking. Also a rallying cry for pirates before they go into battle.

Hornpipe – Both a single-reeded musical instrument sailors often had aboard ship, and a spirited dance that sailors do. The common term for being filled with lust is "horny," and hornpipe then has some comical possibilities. "Is that a hornpipe in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? Or both?"

Hearties or Matey - Shipmates or friends.

Keel haul - A grisly death indeed. The pirate is tied by a rope at the front of the ship at full sail. He is then kicked off and made to drag along the keel, or bottom spine of the ship, usually through the sharp barnacles clinging to the hull. It would act like a cheese grater. "Ye'll be keelhauled!" would strike terror into any pirate.

Lass - A name for a woman, usually more polite and romantic.

Lassie-Lucy - A nickname for an attractive woman, more polite than using 'wench'; often used speaking about the woman rather than directly to her.

Lubber – (or land lubber) Where a lubber is a poor seaman, a land lubber is an exceptionally ignorant seaman. [1] In a room where everyone is talking like pirates, lubber is always an insult.

Motherload - refers to when the largest amount of booty is successfully located.

Savvy - Ok or understand. As in, "Savvy?" meaning "Do you understand"

Saucy - Sexy. "Ye be a Saucy Wench!"

Scrumpet- A name for a women, not the most polite term but not rude either.

Smartly – Do something quickly. "Smartly, me lass," you might say when sending the bar maid off for another round. She will be so impressed she might well spit in your beer.

Scurvy - Well, of course, it's an awful affliction that used to bedevil buccaneers in days gone by; that's one reason there was lime juice added to the rum in the water, making grog. So calling someone a "scurvy bilge rat" is even worse than calling him a "bilge rat."

Shiver me timbers! - "Well, I'll be" or "Is that so?". Originating from when a cannon ball hits a ship and the planking shatters into splinters.

Show a Leg! - Phrase to wake up a sailor. "Show a leg!, it be dawn, you scurvy lubber!".

Wench - Woman, girl, or waitress. It can also refer to a peasant girl.

Yardarm - Not just convenient framework to hang the sails, but often times used as a holding post for the disobedient ol' salts, as in, "Tie that dawg to the yardarm".

Joining the Pirate Guild

How to join us

Contact the Guildmaster or any Pirate player online!

Current Guildmaster: Blackbeard

We always need new swashbucklers to join our ranks! Villages need to be attacked and plundered. Dangerous adventures have to be faced. Events need to be organized or participated at. If you are an outcast, a scoundrel, a man or woman of the seas, or an outlaw looking for a great community, if ye don't fear death, and detest those landlubbing do-gooders.... SHARPEN YER BLADE AND JOIN OUR BRETHREN!

  • Carefully read and bear in mind our simple pirate rules!
  • Introduce yourself on our message board!
  • Come to our hideout and get acquainted with the pirate way of living!
  • Sign up for the most exciting, entertaining and dreaded roleplaying guild on UO Darwinism

Are you having trouble to find an appropriate name for your pirate character? Check this site for good suggestions!
What's My Pirate Name

What to expect from the guild

The Pirate Guild will provide you with company and a framework of exciting gameplay within a group of rogues. We organize challenging guild wars and events, without the madness of Felucca PvP. We feature a pirate community that allows you to roleplay a shady scoundrel in whatever extent you like. (If you are not familiar to roleplaying, do not worry! It is easy. Just hang out with us and learn from us!) We help each other out. Our goal is to have fun as pirates, go on adventures, and enjoy guild wars in a roleplaying context.

Once you start playing Ultima Online with us, without the pressure of worrying about gold or items, without the fear of being looted in PvP, you will find out how much fun the game can be. How much it has to offer, when you have ideas and make something of them.

The Oath of the Pirate Brethren

Deadicated pirates, who have been with us for a few weeks, can volonteer to take the meaningful step and swear their allegiance to the brethren. With this Oath they will be bound to the Pirate guild forever, which will be honored in a secret ceremony!

Gargoyle RP Guild

Contact the Guildmaster or any Gargoyle RP player online!

Current Guildmaster: Drax Prilem

UO Darwinism would like to see a good Gargoyle RP guild form as an opposition group. The Gargoyles have a great winged body graphic, but limited gear and weapons. They are perfect for roleplay and have a great UO history

Gargoyle History

Gargoyles are an intelligent and sentient race which superficially resemble daemons. They possess their own language, runic system, and architecture. Gargoyles come in two forms; The bigger, winged ones have a high intellect, magic powers and strong build. The wingless ones are not as smart and smaller, but make up for this with more muscles. Gargoyles are socially much like humans, in that you can get the good with the bad. The winged are seen as superior to the wingless

Locations: The gargoyles originally lived in their own world, but they later resettled on the Isle of Terfin, with smaller populations scattered all over Britannia (notably in Vesper, Gargoyle City, Holy City). Following the Great Cataclysm, they however grew apart from human society and settled in the underwater city of Ambrosia until its destruction. The race again split into surface dwelling and the other group went underground. It is unknown where the gargoyle society was rebuilt after that, but adventurers have encountered them deep in the Underworld and in Fire Dungeon.

Ter Mur is home of the Gargoyle race. There are two cities in Ter Mur – the Holy City, and the Royal City, from which the Gargoyle Queen rules.

Appearance: Gargoyles are slender and about a foot taller than humans, with piercing eyes and a wide variety of skin hues, ranging from deep purples, to blues, to reds. On their hands and feet are sharp, talon-like claws, and grown gargoyles boast large bat-like wings. They cannot fly, but use their wings and tails to ensure a keen sense of balance while fighting. Gargoyles have no hair on their bodies, but will often decorate their skin with painted runes, and their horns are often unique, appearing in various shapes and sizes.

Personality: Gargoyles have been called stoic, but a more accurate description would likely be single-minded. Thanks to a legendary work ethic, gargoyles will focus intently on the task at hand, rarely smiling or laughing until their task or duty is complete.

Gargoyles have been a part of Ultima lore since Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, one of the most popular titles from the single-player series of Ultima games. Gargoyles have been known for their deep-held beliefs, including a belief system apart from the Eight Virtues of Lord British. They are also known as skilled artisans with their own secrets of crafting powerful items.

Gargoyle Virtue System - Singularity

The gargoyle virtue system of Singularity, also known as the gargoyle virtues, was derived from the same Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. In fact, the gargoyles did it first, and it was humans that stole the codex from gargoyles to make the virtue system we have today. Here is a chart of comparison between the two virtue sets:

Singularity/British Virtues

  • Control=Truth
  • Dilligence=Courage
  • Passion=Love
  • Persistence=Valor
  • Precision=Honor
  • Feeling=Compassion
  • Balance=Justice
  • Direction=Honesty
  • Singularity=Spirituality
  • Achievement=Sacrifice
  • Order=Humility

here is an important summary from The Book of Circles, one of the books that tempered gargoyle culture into what it is:

All begins with the three principles: Control, Passion and Diligence. From Control springs Direction. From Passion springs Feeling. From Diligence springs Persistence. But these three virtues are no more important than the other five: Control combines with Passion to give Balance. Passion combines with Diligence to yield Achievement. And Diligence joins with Control to provide Precision. The absence of Control, Passion and Diligence is Chaos. Thus the absence of the principles points toward the seventh virtue, Order. The three principles unify to form Singularity. This is the eighth virtue, but it is also the first, because within Singularity can be found all the principles, and thus all the virtues. A circle has no end. It continues forever, with all parts equally important in the success of the whole. Our society is the same. It too continues forever, with all members (and all virtues) equal parts of the unified whole.

Guild Rules

Guild ranks


Gargish Language

Language: "Gargoyle" is a Britannian corruption of gargl, the gargoyles' name for themselves and their language, also informally referred to as "Gargish.”

Spoken Gargish is grammatically rather flexible. Distinctions between nouns, adjectives, and verbs are indicated by gestures and intonations. This flexibility is also apparent in the names of magic spells derived from Gargish phrases. "Vas Sanct Lor,” for instance, is derived from the Gargish “vas saengkt lor,” but it is equally correct to say “saengkt vas lor” or even “lor saengkt vas.” Gargoyles tend to omit words they consider to be unnecessary complications, like pronouns, and often speak in infinitives. While a human attempting to speak Gargish might come up with something like “í est ker í le vid ú prae,” (or "I'm certain that I've seen you before”), a gargoyle would simply say “ker le vid prae” (or more idiomatically, “ker prae vid le”), or "to be certain having seen before.” With practice, it's possible to deduce the implied pronouns in a Gargoyle sentence, but it's not always easy.

In all honesty, gargish is too confusing a language to speak or translate fluently in game. I would reccomend not typing out a line of gargish and throwing it at someone via paste in game, as they will have a hell of a time translating. Also, I am afraid that we will have a repeat problem of what happened with drowish. For those not familiar with it, drowish translators are easy to find, and many non-drow in game roleplayed having an 'english to drowish book' in game. Drow would not write their language down for pitiful humans to learn and read and defile, and gargoyles are exactly the same. If you really wish to speak gargish, it would be common courtesey to party all in the area that would understand it, paste it, then instantly translate to english in party, to give the effect of them instantly understanding the meaning of the words.

I have also read many gargoyle dialogue scripts from the old ultimas. They can learn english but they tend to speak in infinitives as mentioned above. Here is a good example of a gargoyle speaking english words, with the sentence structure of gargl:

"To have oft been called Daemons by humans. To be somewhat correct. Gargoyles were descended from the Daemons of Rhiannon, creatures of evil. To have become different in that we opposed the rule of the Guardians, the four most powerful Daemons. To have escaped Rhiannon. To settle on a world safe from the Daemons. To have chosen Sosaria, for it had not attracted even the Wisps' attention yet. "To have known of the Guardians' threat. To have created the Virtues of Truth, Love, and Courage as opposites of Falsehood, Hatred, and Cowardice. To know that a hero would use these to stop the Guardians. "The wisest of the Gargoyles was my mentor, referred to as the In-Vas-Wis-Kodeks. To have written the Codex and inscribed your virtues within it, False Prophet.

However, it would not be unheardof for a gargoyle to learn the proper sentence structure of the common tongue. With much exposure to humans, the language, and perhaps a good teacher, a gargoyle could easily speak common (english) fluently.

Names: Beh-Lem, Desbet, Draxinusom, For-Lem, Lap-Lem, Naxatilor, Palos, Sin Vraal, Vasagralem, Wis-Lem

Also, run around the gargoyle city and Holy City for naming examples. Lots of ideas there.

Gargoyle Language Guide
Gargish Language Info
Gargish Dictionary

Elven Order RP Guild

Contact the Guildmaster or any Elven Order RP player online!

Current Guildmaster: Silverleaf(Defender), Craditz(crafter)

Elven Order History

The Elven Order has taken bits and pieces of various lore concerning elves (Tolkien, dungeons and dragons, Ultima Online, etc) and combined them with the history of Sosaria into our own unique style of play here on UO Darwinism Shard

Guild Rules


All members of the Order of Elves shall respect one another, treat one another with kindness and be courteous as well as helpful. Personal disputes that exist between members are expected to be resolved by the members involved in a mature manner. Elders will not get involved in personal disputes unless it become disruptive to the guild as a whole. We understand that in any guild, friction will occur yet we also trust that our members are mature enough to deal with their disputes privately. Those members who are unable to do this and get along with fellow members may very likely find themselves no longer in our guild.

Guild Reputation

The Order of Elves has seen a long history of excellence. Much of this excellence is due to our good name and our good standing in the UO community at large. Any member of ELF who experiences discontent with the guild or its Leadership is expected to handle this maturely with the Leadership only. Any member of ELF who slanders the guild's good name to the community by spreading this anger or discontent shall find themselves severely reprimanded and very likely removed from ELF. Our good name and our tradition is very important to the health of this guild and we expect each of our members to respect this. We do not expect our members to agree with all decisions made by the Leadership as this is impossible. We do, however, expect that you respect these decisions and act accordingly in a mature manner.

Honor and Respect

We of the Elven Order serve both the elves of the present and those elves of the past who are our forefathers and founders. We must respect, honor and assist our fellow elves, respect our history, and our customs. Any Elf who intentionally and maliciously harms a member of our Order or a member of an allied organization shall be brought before the Elders for judgement. Any elf who knowingly endangers the welfare of the Elven Order as a whole is guilty of treason, will be ejected from our fold and made an enemy of the Order.


All elves are expected to be honest and truthful. We do not gain anything by being deceitful or dishonest. Any elf who causes harm through dishonesty, either by leading an elf to harm through their words or actions, or directly causing this harm through theft or other means, will be subject to punishment by the Elders and required to pay for all damages caused.


Humility is a virtue that has long been ingrained in elven culture and customs. Elves must accept their role in life, their role in the guild, and accept the leadership of those who have been appointed positions above them. Likewise, those who are in leadership roles understand their duty to the guild and the royal elven family and must never abuse their power.

Role Playing

We are a proud race and this guild has a long standing tradition of excellence in these realms. As such, our members are expected to adhere to our laws and customs while conducting themselves in a manner that is befitting of our great race in the image of what we wish all elves to be. Acting in a non-elven way on a continual basis is grounds for punishment and eventual removal from the Order. Respect the great tradition that elves before you have laid down from the past and show your respect for all that is Elven in Sosaria, adhere to the old customs and ways of your forefathers and foremothers.

Guild Uniform

As a majority, we are creatures of the forest. Bright colors do not capture our eyes and we consider them eyesores and inappropriate for forest travel. We prefer to wear the colors of our surroundings; greens, browns and other soft earthen colors. Some elves, however, are city dwellers, either in the Elven Marketplaces of the realm or even in the bustling heart of the great Human cities such as Britain. Their clothing style may more accurately reflect their surroundings and styles of the places in question. Regardless of the clothing style you clad your elf in, please be conscious of the RP reasons for what others may be wearing. Some paths such as the Path of Nature may have a more restrictive uniform requirement. Please consult within your individual paths for path-specific restrictions.

Guild Ranks

Elven King/Queen


The Elder serves at the highest ranking member of the Order. He serves as the senior defender, educator and leader to those who serve under the banner. His watchful eyes keep silent, but constant ties to all those who come and go from within the banner. He remains a protector of Druidic tradition, a servant to Mother Elune and the greatest admirer of our Stag Father (Officers)

Druidic Council

The Druidic Council is the most powerful and revered among the Order, hand-chosen by the Elder to sit upon the Council and lend their voice to the governing of the guild. They are wise, respected, and their ability is without question. They serve as keepers of the Old Ways

Elven Defenders

Elven Defenders are those within the Order who have shown bravery in the heart of danger and remain sworn to protect those within it. They have shed blood and suffered great loss in order to keep those who call the Elven Order their home. And so shall they remain respected by all within the Order for their selflessness.


The Lorekeepers are called upon to see that the Stewards and Initiates beneath them uphold the ways of the Order. Lorekeepers have proven their dedication to the Order through their efforts to preserve the Kaldorei way of life and the principles followed by the Order. Lorekeepers work directly with the Druidic Council as well as the Elder to help preserve the functions of the Order.

Steward of the Order

Having proven their intent and passed through their trial period, an Initiate will be promoted to the rank of Steward, at which point they become full members of the Elven Order. This promotion is always done at an Order Ceremony before all present, and is a time of celebration and acceptance for the member in question. Many of these members who do not rise to the Druidic Council, but still remain constant with them are often referred to as faithful.


A newly recruited member of the Elven Order, the Initiate is a trial phase rank, during which the member in question will undergo the scrutiny of the Council and the rest of the guild. Only having passed through this trial phase does one become a full member of the Elven Order.

Elven Language

Elven Name Translations
Elven Name Generator

Elven Dictionary
Elven Language Guide

Orc Roleplay Clan - RP Guild

Orc Clan Rules(ORC)

Orc Name Generator:

Use this Orc Name Generator to create an interesting name for your Orc Character

Orcish Language

Orcs have a very unique language and syntax

Learn the Orc Language by studying this guide

History of the Black Orc Clan

The Black Orc Clan is an orcish horde on the UO Darwinism Shard dedicated to role-playing orcs, promoting role-playing, and creating a culture of fun.

The staff creates a fun environment to conduct "Old School" T2A era, PVP events for orc RP players to enjoy. The usual area to encounter the orc clan and participate in events, centers around the custom orc fort built in Yew, Felucca

Origin of The Black Orc Clan

Grimslade and Gormadoc founded the Orc Clan on the UO Darwinism Shard. The small band of orcs, who lived under a bridge near Yew, were barely able to eek out a meager living. These orcs would stop travelers to collect tribute on the roads around Yew and raided much of the farmhouses and livestock. It was a very hard life for these early founding orcs. All of their possessions had to be buried under the earth or carried by pack. Orcs were considered outcasts by the town of Yew, and because of their orcish nature, they were attacked on sight by many of the humans. Merciless Yew soldiers hunted the orcs for sport, while the farmers lit torches and chased the orcs back into the deep woods.

Abandoned Outpost

The Black Orc Clan laid claim to an empty abandoned outpost, South of Yew. There they prospered and steadily grew stronger. Orc life was still hard, but the clan had found a home away from the humans. The life of an Orc was simple, defend the outpost, collect tributes, kill intruders, and gather raw materials and to craft gear for the clan.

The citizens of Yew feared the growing power of the orcs, and petitioned Lord British to take arms against the clan...

The Burning

A young orc came running into the fort yelling about human soldiers hunting him in the nearby woods. The alarm was sounded, but it was too late. The soldiers were on horseback and moved very swiftly, they torched the wooden outpost and it quickly burned to the ground. The orcs had no choice but to scatter in all directions.

Our clan leader ordered us to gather our numbers and warned us that the humans would continue to hunt us until every last orc was dead. The remaining orcs decided to split into several groups and moved secretly to all the corners of the realm to wait...for the uprising.

Over the years, 8 orc clans developed and thrived unnoticed deep in the ground, hidden in shadows, in remote deserts and adapting to the cold.

  • Black Orc Clan - Roleplaying
  • Blood Orc Clan - Felucca Cove
  • Desert Orc Clan -
  • Woodland Orc Clan -
  • Ice Orc Clan - Malas Ice Valley
  • Dark Orc Clan -
  • Forest Orc Clan -
  • Cave Orc Clan -

The Black Orc Uprising

After several years of rebuilding a leader arose, much smarter than those before him. Word spread far and wide about his planned uprising of the The Black Orc Clan, and new clan orcs arrived daily to unite.

The Building of the Yew Fort

The scattered orc clans secretly combined forces and gathered their resources. They traveled back to Yew under the cover of darkness and ambushed every farmhouse, killed all the townspeople and stole all of Yew's supplies in anticipation of war. They tirelessly worked through the night and fortified the town and built a mighty fort! The orcs claimed Yew as their home, there would be no surprise...this time they were ready for battle!

Humans quickly heard about the orc attack and begun assembling armies to attack us, as they saw orcs as a good way to increase their reputation and fill their coffers. Nevertheless, the defensive advantage of the Yew fortress, the orcish tactics, and the sheer superiority in numbers allowed The Black Orc Clan to emerge victorious. The battles raged day and night, but the fort could not be taken by the humans...

Gruesome Standards bearing warnings about the Black Orc Clan were placed throughout the woods and roads near the Yew fort and our Clan tents and Hall are also properly decorated with orcish banners.

Roleplaying an Orc

Role-playing an orc is easy on UO Darwinism. Orcs are the race best suited to roleplay with regard to appearances and equipment. Kill an orc lord (NPC) and put on his equipment to get almost everything you'll need. Other items that come in handy include a complete set of ringmail armor, other (orcish) weapons, and orc masks.

The critical thing to successfully playing an orc is being stupid. Note that orcs can be crafty and clever in a streetwise sort of manner but they should be rather dumb by human standards. This can be one of the most fun parts of role-playing an orc. Orcs are evil by nature. They kill what they can, and sometimes run away when outnumbered.

It may sound overly simple to role-play an orc, yet Orc Clan has developed a rich orcish culture. The Orc Clan has a well-developed religion. We worship the Wargod, also known as Orcus. Our clan has several tribes, based on the area they came from, bloodlines and different ranks which define the rights and responsibilities of each orc in the clan.

Orc Clan continues to be very active to this day. We welcome role-play interaction with anyone who respects our efforts to create a realistic orcish presence in Ultima Online. We also encourage guilds to set up guild war with us so they can interact with us to the fullest without worrying about the highlighting issues associated with battles without guild war.

Orc Ranks

How to Join

The Black Orc Clan is an open guild and everyone is welcome to create a new orc and join the orcish horde. Each member of the clan plays an important role in the clan. Each rank/bloodline is responsible for different tasks. Both new and longtime members have duties and responsibilities. Teamwork has been the foundation of The Black Orc Clan's success.

Please contact the Black Clan leader for more information

Orc Quests

UO Darwinism - Ultima Online roleplay guide, Pirates, Orcs, Elves, Gargoyles

Important Figures in UO History

Important Characters There are people who existed before the Gem of Immortality was shattered, and so they can be found on each and every single shard. Important "famous" people you might want to know about during your travels are these special few:

One of the original members of the Ruling Council, and also commander of the Council of Mages.
The robed figure who transports people across the lake in Doom – for a price. He can be found at the Mage Shop in Moonglow, but don’t expect his services until you ring the bell in Doom.
A great mage in the Britannian Court. He is very skilled with reagents and other magical devices, and uses his knowledge to help the kingdom in times of need. He fought in the war against Lord Blackthorn.
Commander of the Royal Guard 
The Commander rules over the actions of Britannia’s Royal Guard and is an important member of the Ruling Council.
A lady Knight of the Britannian Court, she also fought against Lord Blackthorn during the war and helped lead the people to victory.
A paladin of Trinsic, Dupre is also involved with the defence of Britannia. He has served Lord British loyally and is an important member of the Ruling Council.
Begotten by Mondain and his mistress Minax, Exodus was a machine that has since made a lair in the lands of Ilshenar. The "Temple of Exodus", as it is called, is filled with mechanical monsters that are quite dangerous. Exodus is partially to blame for Blackthorn’s fall into darkness.
Another member of the Ruling Council, Geoffrey is Captain of the Royal Guard and an excellent fighter. He is loyal to Lord British and does what he can to help protect Britannia.
One of Minax’s former generals, Keeonean was slain by his former mistress. He was responsible for the deaths of many Britannians and was held on trial by the Commander of the Royal Guards just prior to his murder. He had also taken part in the overthrow of Trinsic.
Lord Blackthorn 
A close friend and advisor to Lord British. Lord Blackthorn is a strong believer in Chaos and disagrees with how Lord British chose to rule the land. After falling to the dark side, he became infused with mechanical parts and became half-man, half-machine. Due to his actions he was killed, and Lord British built a memorial in his honour.
Lord British 
Ruler of Britannia, he renounced his throne when he stepped into the Void in a valiant effort to save the land and the people. He firmly believes in the virtues and would often debate over their existence with his close friend, Lord Blackthorn.
Minax was a student and apprentice of Mondain and was also his lover. Minax was an extraordinary enemy when she tried to take over Britannia, and has been a nuisance to the land for a long time. She possesses powerful skills and is restricted from entering the facet of Trammel.
Mondain, the Wizard 
Mondain killed his own father for possession of the Gem or Immortality, and then used its magic to rule all of Sosaria. He was killed by a Stranger who sought to free Sosaria from Mondain’s grasp.
A daemon obsessed mage who resided in the Skara Brae Labyrinth. He dislikes visitors and is rumoured to have an underground laboratory somewhere in the centre of the labyrinth.
Shamino skilled ranger and an important member of the Ruling Council.

UO Roleplay Shard, Ultima Online, UO RPG