Rewards Systems

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Reward Systems

Veteran Rewards

These rewards are given based on the length of time you have had an active account

PvP Rewards

This reward is based on performance. The more PvP wins, the better your rank, the more points you receive. You can redeem your points for prizes.

Idle Time Currency

You earn a Darwin Coin (DC) for every hour you are logged into the shard. You can redeem these coins during auctions for rare gifts, start champ spawns with them or locate the secret/hidden DC vendors throughout the land and buy rare treasure.

Token Rewards

Tokens are earned every time you slay a monster and are deposited into your token Ledger. There are blue token vendor stones located at various banks and you can redeem tokens for rewards

There are many rewards that change monthly

Heritage Token Reward

This Heritage Token Reward has 67 items in a catalogue to chose from:

Voting Rewards

Every time you Vote, you get 1 DD. Vote daily and on all the stones to keep that green money flowing!

Donation Rewards

You have a selection of rewards to choose from on the white vendor stones or on the website donations page