Peerless Quest

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Peerless Quest Information

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Travesty Keys


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Grizzle Keys


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Melisande Keys


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Paroxymos Keys


Shimmering Effusion is located in Trammel or Felucca Nujel'm. It's located all the way to the north and you will see Lefty the ticket seller standing outside. You need to accept Lefty's quest remove 10k gold from your ledger and mark the gold as a quest item. Now you are ready to walk down the ladders and into the dungeon. Inside the first room you need to travel to the hole in the floor and jump thru it to get to the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor there is a old game on the floor where you try and step on the sparkle to get transported to the room with the first key in it. (you can use the green gate now if you like)In this room you will find Crystal Demons which you must slay for Scattered Crystals. Once you get your crystals move onto the next room where you will find Crystal Hydras and Sea Serpents they both have a chance to drop your second key the Shattered Crystal. The Hydra also drops the Crushed Crystals. Get your keys and head to the Southwest corner where you will find another hole to jump thru.

In this new room you get Jagged Crystals off the Crystal Elemental and the hole to get onto the next room is straight to the East. Now on this floor if you need to step out of combat for a minute follow the dirt path out a cave to a little encampment where you will find vendors and safety. When you return you will find the Crystal Warrior (white ethereal warrior) and he contains the Peices of Crystal grab this key up and head to the west where you will see a big white crystal hut. Head inside and run to the white portal. It takes you to the final room for keys where the Protectors and Unfrozen Mummys will both drop the final key Broken Crystal. Clear the rest of the mobs and you will see 6 small pillars around a table these are where you drop your keys to get into the bosses room.

              Jagged   #         #   Broken

           Scattered   #         #   Crushed

Shimmering Keys


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Stygian Keys

Dread Horn

Dread Horn is located in a sparkle inside the Mushroom Cave under Ishnear dungeons. Walk past the spawn and head for the desert while walking through pickup a Thorny Briar. Continue on thru the desert and you will come to a Cave inside is Gnaw and some dire wolves. Gnaw is who you have to kill to get Gnaws Fang which is another key you need. Leave the cave and head into the swamp. You will see many creatures here most are just trash mobs but a couple contain keys. Look around the ground in the swamp for Blighted Cotten it spawns randomly thru out the swamp. Lady Sabrix contains Sabrix Eye Lady Lythisth contains Lythisth Silk and finally Irk an orange Changling contains Irks brain slay him to get your final key to get into Dread Horn. Now head to the bottom of the swamp and you will see a little angel statue surrounded by rocks. This is where you drop your keys to enter Dread Horn to kill him and Move on with your Peerless Quest.

Dread Horn Keys