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New Player Guide

"To survive in this hostile land thou must first know thyself! Seek ye to master thy weapons and thy magical ability! Take care in these thy first travels in Britannia... Until thou dost know well thyself, travel not far from the safety of the townes!" -- Lord British

This guide will help you get headed in the right direction and answer most of your basic questions

Make sure you read the wiki for custom information, Commands, and How to Connect with our patch!

UO Darwinism WIKI
Also see FAQ

How To Play Ultima Online - UO Guides/Websites

If you have never played Ultima Online, it's a good idea to take a look at these links. They provide detailed rules, quest info and detailed information about each UO system.

New Player - UO Guide

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How To Play Ultima Online Darwinism Free Shard

If you have played Ultima Online, but not on UO Darwinism, it's a good idea to take a look at these links. They provide rules, commands and warnings about UO Darwinism's custom systems.

Lost Items

Getting Started

Welcome to Ultima Online Darwinism!

Ultima Online Darwinism is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. UOD allows you to choose what sort of profession you want to be in, and also enables you to customize every single one of your skills! Interact with an incredible player base and make new friends, meet new challenges, and explore a variety of lands and dungeons. You can also buy a plot of land and design your own house from top to bottom - then fill it with a collection of rare items and decorations. Wield powerful magic and slay your foes with a sword in hand, or even pilfer the possessions of unsuspecting passers-by and earn your living as an infamous rogue! You could also raise your shield in defence of the land by becoming a paladin, or perhaps whisper words of destruction as you journey down the path of necromancy. There are limitless possibilities with only your imagination to bridle them - so take hold of the reins and choose your own destiny!

Before you log in:

Read the Rules, the Lost Items section and the entire WIKI! There is a lot of custom info and WARNINGS you need to be aware of before you play in-game. This will save you a lot of time and frustration!

Sign up on the UODarwin Discord this is how we announce events, rule changes and shard info.

Read the section How to Connect

Updated Hue File

Create your Character

Selecting a Name

Your character's name is probably the first, most important impression other players will have of you. Offensively named characters may be assumed to be offensive and treated rudely. If you wish to be taken seriously, choose a name for your character wisely, as your character will be stuck with that label for life.

Ultima Online Darwinism does not allow redundant naming, Most names are allowed, although offensive names are screened, and a few names of important characters (e.g., British, Blackthorn) are reserved.

Please try and pick a roleplaying type of name that fits the era. Names that contain curse words, drug references or disturbing names will be changed by staff.

Seriously offensive names will be changed or deleted without warning!

Selecting a Race

If you decide to choose the Human race you will start with four class abilities. They are Strong Back, Tough, Workhorse, and Jack of all Trades.

  • Strong Back – Increased carrying capacity determined by strength.
  • Tough – Regenerates Hit Points faster than normal.
  • Workhorse – Increased ability to gather more resources Example: ore, leather, food.
  • Jack of all Trades – Humans have skill points in all skills even untrained.

If you decide to choose the Elven race you will with six class abilities. They are Night Sight, Infused with Magic, Knowledge of Nature, Difficult to Track, Perception, Wisdom.

  • Night Sight – always have the effect of full night sight spell.
  • Infused with Magic – Increased energy resistance.
  • Knowledge of Nature – Increased chance to gain special resources.
  • Difficult to Track – Difficulty increased while trying to track elves.
  • Perception – Gain an increased chance to passively detect hidden monsters and enemies.
  • Wisdom – receive a bonus to their maximum mana.

Gargoyles are not well supported with gear and are mainly good for Roleplaying, they are not recommended as your main character. If you decide to choose the Gargoyle race you will start with four class abilities. They are Flying, Berserk, Master Artisan, Deadly Aim, Mystic Insight.

  • Flying – Allows you to fly as fast as a mount could travel, plus allows you to get to certain gargoyle areas.
  • Berserk – when your Hit Points drop low it gives up some of your defense for a boost in speed and power.
  • Master Artisan – Increased chance to imbue and unravel items.
  • Deadly Aim – Allows them to use the throwing weapons.
  • Mystic Insight – allows you to cast basic mysticism spells without failure.

Selecting a Profession

Selecting a profession is not that important on this shard because there are no skill caps. That means you can become proficient in all of the professions eventually. You also receive a skillball with 700 skill points to raise your skills once you log in.

This is mainly a PVE and PVM shard with PVP allowed in Felluca. The main focus on this shard in the beginning will be to obtain good pets and tame/lore skill

Work on Skills

It is important to work on your skills to become more powerful and to accompish certain goals in the game. Read the section on Skill Training and then read the details of each individual skill under Skills Defined

There is a new player area on top of Lord British's Castle and is a great place to learn and train. There are many items for new players on the various stone vendors located at Britain Bank and Trinsic bank. There are new player quests, players guide and other starter items. Seek out the training room and a NEW player guild in Serpent's Hold, all accessible from the public moongate>new player gates>

TIP: Save your starting 700 skillball for the high end of the skills and buy/train the lower end


Many players enjoy verbal communication ingame. We have set up the Teamspeak software on this server, which allows you to connect and speak with other players. You just need a standard computer microphone and the Teamspeak software. You can download the software for free!

Most of your communication in Ultima Online will be done by typing. Whatever you type on your keyboard will appear above your character's head. Your speech will be heard (seen) by anyone on the same screen. There are also chat [c and private messenger [pm features you can use. There are additional keystrokes that allow you to use speech in specific ways; to yell or to whisper.

Contacting Staff - We have a very friendly, full-time staff online 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us through the page system with any help or questions

Emote - Voice inflection is not easily translated by typing; however, UO allows you to emote your feelings. By typing a colon ":" followed by a space, your text entry will be emoted. Your "emote" will be surrounded by asterisks and will be a different color than your normal speech. Emotes (emotions) allow you to suggest an action that your character is doing to immerse yourself in the environment. *kicks dirt* *twirls hair* *sighs* Many players also set up macros for common emotes, such as smiles, laughs, grins, frowns, etc.

Whisper - Use a semi-colon ";" followed by a space (e.g., ; Psst, wanna buy a chicken?). Whispered text can only be "heard" by characters immediately adjacent to you.

Yell - Use an exclamation point "!" followed by a space (e.g., ! HELP!). Yelled text can be "heard" by any character up to a screen and a half away.

Global Chat uses [c yourmessagehere
Guild Chat uses [g
Private Message uses [pm playername msg
IRC Chat uses [i
PVP Chat uses [pvp
Roleplay Chat uses [rp
Trade Chat uses [tr

Talking With NPCs
Before you can talk to NPCs, you must first get their attention. Thus, everything you ask NPCs must include their name. To get the name of an NPC hover the cursor over him or her. With vendors or shopkeepers, you need only employ their job title. For example, if you wish to buy something from a Vendor, get physically close to one and say, "Vendor buy." If, for some reason, the vendor ignores you, then you might want to preface "buy" with the vendor's name, or you may click the vendor to access a menu of interactions.

As the example above also illustrates, you don't have to speak in complete sentences when you address NPCs. You can ask NPCs about things like the time and locations of places nearby.

Training From NPCs
When you're a new player, one way to jump start your progress in a given skill is to pay for training from an NPC. To obtain training in the basic professions, go to a shop related to that profession. Then, get physically close to the NPC shopkeeper or tradesman, and say, "[name of NPC] train," or click on the NPC to get a menu of possible interactions, and select Train. The NPC will then tell you the various skills he is qualified to teach. Pick the one you're interested in and say, "[name of NPC] train [name of skill]." The NPC will give you a price to teach you all he or she can. To train in that skill, drag an appropriate amount of gold onto the vendor to pay him or her. You can pay less and get less than the full training the NPC can offer.

There are two kinds of vendors: Player-owned vendors and NPC shopkeepers. Player-owned vendors allow players to sell things to other players, even when they're not logged in. Vendors are indestructible and will not move from the site where they are placed (as long as they are paid). Make sure you vendor has plenty of gold on him at all times. If your vendor runs out of gold, he will quit and auto-delete.

There are several vendor mall areas to choose from. You purchase a deed from the mall manager and target a white tile to set up the NPC vendor.

NPC shopkeepers are also called vendors, and are usually found in shops within town.

Interacting With Vendors - To talk to a vendor, the greeting and action must be on the same line ("Vendor buy"). Greetings include the vendor's name or title.

Valid Requests Include:

Buy: The vendor will display his inventory so you can browse his goods and ask you to target the item to buy. A prospective customer can use Arms Lore or Item Identification on the items. The gold is removed from your inventory if you are carrying it, or from the bank if you're not. If you are the owner, he will tell you that you don't need to buy the items. NOTE: when buying from a player-owned vendor, gold can always be withdrawn from the bank. When buying from an NPC shopkeeper, only gold for purchases over 2000 gp may be drawn from the bank.

Sell: Players can sell items to NPC shopkeepers who are interested in buying them. Usually you'll need to find a vendor who is already selling what it is you're trying to sell.

Train: This will prompt the NPC to offer you a list of skills they can teach.

Train (skill): This will prompt the NPC to tell you the price to train in a specific skill they teach. To train in that skill, drag an appropriate amount of gold onto the vendor to pay him or her. You can pay less and get less than the full training the NPC can offer.

Status/Info: If you are the owner of a player-owned vendor, the vendor will describe his status, including how much gold he's holding, how much he charges per day, and how many more days he will continue working, assuming nothing changes.

See the Vendors section for more detailed info

Once You Log In

Once you log in you will find yourself at Britain Bank. Here you will find many players to interact with. There is also a moongate system to explore, which will allow you travel throughout the world.

There are many helpful Blue website stones near most of the new player areas. If you click the stone, it will load the wiki/website page with the information about the specific area

Make sure you explore the following areas on the "New Player Gates" on the moongate:

  • Go to Britain Castle, there are lots of places to explore, buy skills and shop
  • Go to the New player Dungeon and learn how to use your skills and equipment
  • Go to the Training room to work up your skills and stats
  • Communicate with players using the chat system, use [c

After you learn the basic movements, know the commands and can communicate with other players you can start working on these tasks. This is a good list of goals to work on your first 2 weeks on the shard:

  • Read the wiki and forum
  • Explore your surroundings
  • Work on gaining skills
  • Train in the new player's training room
  • Visit the New Players Guild
  • Work on increasing your stats
  • Create macros and hotkeys
  • Make friends
  • Develop a strong pet
  • Gather resources
  • Complete a Quest
  • Join a guild
  • Buy your skills up to 30
  • Locate the best hunting spots for your skill level

Survival Tips

  • Insure your items
  • Only carry what you need
  • Bond your pets
  • Travel with trusted friends
  • Join a guild
  • Don't be fooled into traveleing into Felucca with players offering "help", they will kill you
  • Know where your closest Resurrect spot is located before a battle
  • If you are stuck, use the "HELP" button
  • Use chat to politely ask for a rescue
  • Do not travel in Felucca before you know how to PVP
  • If you die, you can use the Help button to self resurrect 1 time/30 minutes

How To...

UO Darwinism - How to Guide Q&A:

How to walk/run around: right click and hold the button down in the direction you wish to go the further your cursor is away the faster you travel.

How to open backpacks, containers, gates and doors from your hotbar and 'in game': left click once on your hotbar (backpack icon), double left click a container/corpse/gate/door 'in game'.

How do I set up my Loot Bag?: See Loot Bag Setup

How do I buy skills off an instructor?: To 'buy' skill <right click> on the instructor, a menu will appear saying 'train skill i.e. 'train fencing' etc. Click the skill you wish to get additional training in and the instructor will tell you how much to pay. Drag your pile of gold with your mouse to bring up the quantity box, type in the amount and separate it from the gold pile. Then drag this amount onto the head of the instructor and release. He will take your gold and increase your skill to 40 points.

How to speak with Quest Givers: double left click on them.

How do I accept quests and see what quests I have accepted?: To Accept a quest double left click an npc that has 'quest giver' in his/her title on mouse over, a menu will open for you to read, select 'accept'. To view what quests you have accepted go to the menu bar, select Quest Menu, a window will open up listing your current quests, you may cancel quests in this same window.

How to 'Toggle Quest Items': hold the shift key, right click on yourself, select 'Toggle Quest Item', with the target cursor left click on the item you wish to toggle (it turns orange) and press <esc> to finish the toggle.

How to open your paperdoll: left click on the hotbar icon (shaped like a head).

How to equip items: left click and hold cursor on item, drag to the paperdoll slot or onto the main paperdoll graphic.

How to open the map: left click once on the hotbar icon for the map (characterised by the letter N note: to view the large map, click the small square at the top of the small round radar map, clicking the 'tick' top right will return you to the radar map) .

How to turn 'war' mode on and off: by left clicking on the war/peace toggle icon on the main hotbar bottom left (crossed swords).

How to attack a monster: by left clicking it to target while in war mode.

How to equip items to a hotbar: eg, bandages, spell scrolls, potions, etc by left clicking and dragging the item to the bar, left clicking once will 'use' the item. (note, you can right click an item once placed in a hotbar and select a targeting option of 'self' 'cursor' or 'current'.

How to get resurrected if you die: (and you are meant to die in the tutorial, so don't worry you don't 'suck'). Look on your map for a 'healer' who will resurrect you, recognised by a small 'red dot' waypoint.



Bank box:

Each character starts the game with access to a bank box. This box is where you can store your items or gold and anything else you wish to keep. The box holds 125 items. To access your bank box go to any bank in game and say 'Bank' and it will open. Other commands used at the bank are 'Balance' to give you a current balance, 'Check' if you wish to convert your gold to a check so it is able to be carried in larger quantities, 'Withdraw 100' to take 100gps out of your bank.


Around New Haven are various quest givers called, 'wandering mages', 'merchants' 'nobles' 'brides' and 'grooms'. Each of these will be titled 'quest giver' and will want you to 'escort' them to various places in New Haven eg, 'accompany me to the New Haven Inn'. By accepting the quest, the quest giver will follow behind you and once you arrive at the destination will give you and additional 500gps for your effort, as well as giving you some compassion* gains. For more information see escorting.


All items you wear or equip may be insured against loss for the amount of 600 gps per item. To insure an item, put it in your backpack, right click your avatar (yourself) on screen. A menu will open, scroll to 'toggle item insurance' and click, you will get a target cursor to target the item with. You may need to put your cursor back over the item to check that it is insured. Do this for any item you wish to insure. Insuring will only work the first time you die unless you have also set the insurance to renew. To set the insurance to renew follow the steps as above only select 'auto renew inventory', you will get a prompt to say you have elected to reinsure items on death. This will cost you 600gps per item per death but will automatically reinsure your items.

Loot Bag

Loot bags are a special container that will collect and separate your loot. You can choose what type of items to collect and then auto delete the garbage. See the Loot Bag Setup info

LRC (lower reagent cost):

Armor or items that have this modification give a % reduction in how many mage/necro/ reagents or tithing gold you need to 'spend' to cast spells. It can go to a maximum of 100% so that spells are nil cost if you have the right suits/items.


Is what is used to cast spells, and is gained by your intelligence stat, ie the more intelligence you have the larger your mana pool.


Numerous moongates are located in each facet and are how you may travel to the rest of Britannia. Walking into a moongate will show you a menu. As a young* player you will not be able to travel to the facet of Felucca, as this is where, among other things, player v player combat takes place. You will be able to travel to other places in Trammel, Malas and Ilshenar.


Are what most people call all the 'in game' Non-Player Characters generated by the system. In other words those characters inside the shops who you may buy items from, wandering healers, quest givers, trainers and any human type character who is not a 'real' player.

PVP: player versus player

PVM: player versus monster


Spell casting ' fuel' to cast spells with, different spells take different reagents to cast. mage = black pearl, bloodmoss, ginseng, garlic, mandrake root, nightshade, spiders silk and sulfurous ash. necromancer = batwing, daemon blood, grave dust, nox crystal and pig iron.


This term is used for movement between locations by using a spell (either a recall mage spell/scroll, or paladin sacred journey spell) To recall you need to have the skill/scroll/reagents or tithing points to activate it, and of course a marked rune with the location you wish to travel to marked on it.


Is an item which has a location marked on it that you may use to 'move' from place to place with the use of spells, either the 'recall' mage spell or scroll, or the 'sacred journey' paladin spell. Casting the spell and targeting a rune will take you to the location marked on that rune. Mages may 'mark' runes with another spell.


Is a book that you may place marked runes in to various locations, a marked rune book is a book containing runes already marked for various places, eg: the 'towns in trammel' or 'dungeons in trammel'. Runebooks are only available from other players who have the inscription skill, and are sold off player run vendors*.

Rune library:

Is a player house that contains runebooks available for all players to use. Rune Libraries are great for new players as they have 'marked' locations for lots of dungeons and commonly used hunting spots.

Tithe, tithing:

This is the term used by the paladin class to donate gold to a shrine (ankh) as a sign of devotion to the paladin class. To cast any chivalry spell costs 10gps of tithing gold. To tithe gold left click on the ankh, to place it in the target bar, right click on the bar and the menu appears, select 'Tithe Gold' and then toggle the arrows to the amount you wish to tithe.


If this is your first time playing Ultima Online, or it is a brand new account, all your characters will be marked as [young] when they are created. As stated 'young' players cannot travel to Felucca facet, as a young player you will also not be able to select Siege Perilous or Mugen Shards unless the young player status is revoked. Being young means that you cannot be attacked by monsters or players unless you attack first, or they form part of a quest. You are considered 'young' as long as you have not played more than 40 game hours and your characters have no more than 450 total skill points. While under the 'protection' of having young status it is a good move to take the opportunity to wander around the world, dungeons and towns to get familiar with where things are for future reference. You may elect to lose your 'young' status at any time by stating with any character: "I renounce my young player status"