Monetary System

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Monetary System

UO Darwinism uses Gold, Tokens and Darwinism Dollars(DD) as currency in the game.


Gold can be earned by crafting/selling or by killing monsters

This item is blessed, make sure you keep this in your main backback and NOT inside any bags

There is a custom Gold Ledger that weighs zero stones and has many useful built-in functions:

  • Gold sweeper
  • Auto-looter


Tokens are automatically earned and added to your token ledger each time you kill a monster. Tokens can be redeemed for prizes on a vendor stone

This item is blessed, make sure you keep this in your main backback and NOT inside any bags

There is a custom token ledger to manage your tokens.

Darwinism Dollars(DD)

Darwinism Dollars can be obtained by Donating, participating in staff events, random drop from voting, random drop from Felucca dungeon chests, daily ED raffle stone, auctions, buy from players, the custom treasure maps and in the loot packs of the Felucca custom Bosses

See the Donations page for a list of items that can be obtained.

Darwinism Coin (DC)

This is a new form of currently available to Darwinism players.

The way you earn the new coins is by simply being online. You are rewarded one coin for each hour you are online. The purpose of this system is to get players to log in daily and stay activly online

Just leave the Darwinism Coin Ledger in your bank box and the system will take care of itself for you, the only thing you need to do is log in and stay online to be rewarded.

Players can use their Darwinism Coins to start up a champion spawn! Click on the red champ skull on a champion altar to open the gump. Pay the 50 DC to trigger the spawn!

There are Darwinism Coin Vendor Stones around the world, the ones in town will look like the normal DC in your bank but will have an item on display that can be purchased with your saved up Darwinism Coins.

We will also have special items at the auction that you can use DC's to bid and purchase items with.

Finally, there will be hidden Darwinism Coin Stone vendors in the world where rare things can be purchased and these stones are subject to vanish or be moved at anytime, some may even only allow for a certain number of items to be purchased and then no longer be available.


We have added a special item that will hold your gold called a "gold ledger". This ledger helps you organize your gold in one place and can be used from inside your pack. You can withdraw gold coins or make a check from the gump. Look at the ledger, there are many setting you can select. The gold sweeper and auto-loot functions are very useful.

There is also a "token ledger" with the same functionality