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Donations and Gear

UO Darwinism is an Ultima Online Free Shard; a free to play MMORPG game, actively developed by its staff, supported by its players and will hopefully remain financially stable with a little help from our donors. If finances generated through player donation exceed what is necessary to maintain or improve the shard, they will go to supporting the staff members that help to make the unique Ultima experience we aim to provide.

As of this update (November 7th) we are still very much in alpha. We are not accepting donations at this time. We feel there is too much of our content that is subject to change as we are in this early period of squashing bugs and fleshing out our vision for the shard long term. We don't want to accept a bunch of donations and give out any items or gear, just to take them out of the game or change them in the next month. Please be patient with us. We have had several players express interest in donating, but at least for now I would not feel comfortable giving anything out that wasn't some piece of decoration or a title.

Our philosophy on donations to UOD regards that they should be an entirely voluntary thing that a player engages in because they want to offer support to the shard, and perhaps circumvent some of the early game grinding (though I would point out this can be quite a rewarding learning experience, even for a veteran player) that some people just don't have the patience for. We do not believe in donation exclusive functional items. What this means is that everything that you all donation incentives that are NOT available to be generated through some kind of in-game play will be of a decorative nature. This would include for a limited example things like housing, decorative items, titles, custom designs or unique colorings for things. While you will be able to gear, consumables, keys etc from donating, all of those “functional” items that you will need for high level play will have an available collection point somewhere in the game, if you're willing to grind for them. YOU SHOULD ONLY BE DONATING FOR GEAR IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO WAIT ON A DROP CHANCE!

Darwin Dollars

Darwin Dollars(DD) are our shard’s “premium currency” if you will. They are the highest value-per-unit currency we will have on UOD. The easiest way to obtain large amounts of DD will be to donate, but we also have many in-game staff run events that will give it as rewards. If a staff member pulls you for help with testing something, you can expect a few bucks to be thrown your way. DD can also be obtained by voting, (1DD per vote cast) looting them from monsters, finding them in chests or on hunts, and sometimes even from certain quests.

DD does not have a real world value, and isn't backed by anything other than our desire to make the player base feel like they are getting value for what they put in.

DD is exchanged in a 20 to 1 Ratio
$1 = 20DD

Darwin Dollars are the currency accepted at any of the green vendor stones located throughout our shard. The main brunt of the stones are located at Darwin City gate and on the first floor of the Item Display, reachable through the Displays category on any permanent moongate. Darwin Dollars will also give you the strongest buying power when dealing in trade with other players, as they are used to purchase the best items, and are the hardest to collect in large quantities.

IMPORTANT! Should you choose to send us a donation, we need to find you in game. For this, we will need more than simply the email from which you donated. When you donate, you will need to contact Methril or Mayor in-game. You can attempt this through world chat if you know one of us is around but otherwise it would be best to send us a PM in-game or contact us via Discord. We are going to need the account name, the email that sent the donation, and the name of the character to whom you would like your incentives delivered.

Donate Now

Donation Services and Options

•Staff Services

•Custom Deco

•Mounts and Pets

•Staff Assisted Housing Services

•Gear Customization Options

Player Services

  • Create a second account with 3 extra house slots 100 DD
  • Name change deed 50 DD
  • Sex Change 50 DD
  • Hair Restyle Deed 50 DD
  • Special Hair Dye 50 DD
  • Skin hues (within the range of Human and Elf skin hues)50 DD
  • Add Custom Title for ex. "Queen of the Everything" 50 DD
  • Wipe Augments off an item, the Sockets remain 100 DD
  • Add +20 LRC to a clothing item 100 DD
  • Add +50 items to your backback 50 DD
  • Add +50 stat cap deed 500 DD
  • Adjust Player Stats 50 DD
  • Remove 1 Murder Count 50 DD
  • Change Item ID on Clothing 100 DD (Ex. Shoes to Boots)
  • Private Champion Spawn Event 50 DD(Standard Champs Only)

Gold and Resources

Gold Purchase

  • One Million Gold 100 DD
  • Five Million Gold 400 DD
  • Ten Million Gold 750 DD

Resource Purchase

Runic Resources

  • Runic Hammer, 100 uses 100 DD
  • Runic Fletchers Tools, 100 uses 100 DD
  • Runic Sewing Kit, 100 uses 100 DD

Sockets and Augment Resources

  • Socket Hammer (coming soon)
  • Staff added Socket 50 DD (max 5 per item)

Pet Modifications

  • Add Virtual Armor 1 DD per point
  • Repair All Pet Resists to 75 100 DD
  • Pet Power Scroll 120 50 DD
  • +1 Pet Slot 400 DD
  • +1 Pet Max Level Deed 10 DD
  • Custom Hue a Pet 1 DD
  • Pet Bonding Deed 50 DD

Player Housing

  • 2 Houses Joined 100 DD
  • Move a house to a new location 100ED
  • House to House Gate 50 DD
  • House Ankh 50 DD
  • Add a farm animal spawner 25 DD
  • Addons for deco, such as a dock, fireplaces, banners etc 100-300 DD
  • Add +1 house slot (Max of 4 slots per acct) 500 DD
  • Mountain House, 2 plots and joined 1000 DD+
  • Water House, 2 plots and joined 1000 DD+
  • Star House, 2 plots and joined 1000 DD+

Weapon Modifications

  • Add One Level to your weapon 10 DD
  • Add Max levels to a weapon, 500 spend points, 500 DD (this is a half price bulk deal)
  • Make a Weapon One-Handed 200 DD
  • Item Bless Deed 100 DD
  • Spell Channeling Deed 100 DD
  • Add Slayer Weapon 100 DD
  • Add Super Slayer Weapon 1000 DD
  • +100 Luck Deed 100 DD (Max 200 luck per item)
  • Item Rename Deed 50 DD
  • Add Self Repair 5 to a weapon 50 DD
  • Add Max durability (255/255)to an item 50ED
  • Add Use Best Weapon Skill 50 DD
  • Mage Armor Deed 50 DD
  • Add Balance to a bow 50 DD
  • Add Velocity +25 to a bow 50DD (max on bow 50%)
  • Remove mage minus from any weapon 50 DD
  • Remove Curse from an item 50 DD

Donation Items

  • Powerscroll of your choice 100 DD
  • Skillball 100 = 50 DD
  • Skillball 700 = 200 DD
  • Druid Spellbook 200 DD
  • Cleric Spellbook 100 DD
  • Bag of Holding 200 DD
  • Portable Bank Crystal 100 DD
  • Personal Teleporter, Customized with your name and blessed 500 DD

Donation Specials

Donations over $5 will get a FREE Item Bless Deed!

Donations over $10 will get a FREE 120 Powerscroll of Choice

Donations over $15 will get a FREE +5 Socket Scroll

Donations over $20 will also get a +100% DD bonus (800 total DD) and a choice of one of the following items:

  • Evolutionary Phoenix Claim Scroll (3500DD value!) limited time
  • Ancient Nightmare (1 slot)(1750DD value!)
  • Ancient Windrunner (1 slot)(1750DD value!)
  • Royal Steed (1 slot)(1500DD value!)
  • Ancient Albino Squirrel (1 slot)(1750DD value!)
  • Ancient Black Bear (1 slot)(1750DD value!)
  • Ancient Crane (1 slot)(1750DD value!)
  • Ancient Walrus (1 slot)(1750DD value!)
  • Ancient Wisp (1 slot)(1750DD value!)

Any single donation over $25+ will also get a +100% DD bonus (1,000 total DD) and a choice of one of the following items:

  • Choice of +10 skill clothing
  • Choice of a storage key (excludes master key)
  • +50 Stat cap deed
  • World Teleporter
  • Everlasting Bandage
  • Everlasting Pet Leash
  • Everlasting Arcane Focus
  • Everlasting Lockpick +5
  • +300 Luck Deed
  • Advanced Item ID Deed

Any single donation of $50+ will get a +100% DD bonus(2,000 total DD)and their choice of one of the following items:

  • Darwin Wizard Robe
  • Set of Treasure Map Location Books
  • Master Key
  • Choice of Peerless Soulgem
  • Max Level a weapon, sr5, one-hand deed, +5 sockets, spell channel - Limited time (worth 1100DD)
  • Free 2 plot water house, star house or mountain house(worth 1000DD)
  • Any single custom item displayed in the display room.
  • Evolution Mercenary Scroll
  • Staff of the Gods
  • Empowered Belt of Lost Souls
  • Zero slot +10 skill mount