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Quest Information

UO Darwinism now has over 55 custom quests, 9 standard quests and 90+ Mondain Legacy quests installed. We will be adding new ones every week, so you will always have an adventure to keep you entertained.

Many of the main custom quests can be started in Darwin City on the moongate. The standard OSI quests can be found from NPCs throughout the world

Custom Quests

Storage Keys

More will be added!

  • Ultimate BOD Book – Holds and organizes all 6 types of BOD – Britian Blacksmith ED Stone, Resource Vendor Britain Blacksmith, Resource Vendor Britain Tailor
  • Beverage Storage – Holds Water, Wine, Milk, and other non-potion liquids – No known current location.
  • Gem Storage – Holds small gems – No known current location.
  • Chef Storage – Holds Flour, Wheat, Eggs, and other non-meat items used in Cooking – No known current location.
  • Gardener's Trowel – Holds Seeds (Also Identifies them while contained) gardening potions, plant bowls, water and fertile dirt. – Britian Gardener’s Vendor ED Stone
  • Champion Skull Holder – Holds skulls obtained from completing Champ Spawns (or town invasions) in Felucca – A Champion's Sting Quest
  • Stone Storage – Holds High Quality Granite of all colors from Mining – Resource Vendor in Stonemason’s Shop in Britain (1000 Granite-type may vary), ED Stone Stonemason’s Shop in Britain.
  • Adventurer's Boots – Holds Bandages, Zoogi Fungus, Powder of Translocation, Bola Balls and other random Mob Drop items – Exploring Passages Quest, Britian Provisioner ED Stone
  • Fish Bucket – Holds whole raw fish obtained while Fishing – No known current location.
  • Bard's Stand – Holds instruments, and can be used to combine exceptionally crafted instruments into a single item with large numbers of uses – Bard’s ED Vendor Stone in Britain.
  • Ingot Key – Holds ingots of all colors and can convert to and from Commodity Deeds – Unity Quest, Britian Blacksmith ED Stone
  • Power Scroll Book – Holds Powerscrolls and Stat Scrolls obtained from Champ Spawns in Felucca – A Champion's Sting Quest
  • Potion Storage – Holds Potion Kegs, Empty Bottles, and all potions. – Mage’s Vendor ED Stone in Britain
  • Reagent Keys – Holds all reagents, empty bottles, potion kegs, daemon bones and more! – Silly Apprentice Quest, Mage’s Vendor ED Stone in Britain.
  • Runic Tool Box – Holds runic crafting tools obtained through BODs or from Elementals – Britian Blacksmith ED Stone, Resource Vendor Britain Blacksmith
  • Scribe's Tome – Holds Blank Runes, Blank Scrolls, and Magery and Necro spell scrolls – No known current location.
  • Butcher's Hook – Holds raw and cooked meat items – No known current location.
  • Treasure Hunter's Storage – Holds T-maps, lockpicks, SOSs, Ancient Fishing Nets and Shovels – Pirate Plunder Quest, Britian Provisioner ED Stone
  • Wood Storage – Holds all colors of boards, arrows and bolts, automatically converts logs into boards when added. – The Tree Whisperer Quest, Woodworker’s ED Stone in Yew.
  • Tailor Storage – Holds cloth, leather, bones and other tailoring items. – A Stitch in Time Quest, Britian Tailor Shop ED Stone
  • Tool Box – Holds and combines crafting tools (including Gargoyle tools). – Rebuilding Magincia Quest, Britian Tinker Shop ED Stone
  • ASH Box – Holds Ancient Smith Hammers (blacksmithing only) obtained from BODs. – No known current location.
  • Smith's Storage – Holds Smithing tools, POF, Ancient Smith Hammers, Repair Deeds, and other Smithing related items. – Britian Blacksmith ED Stone, Resource Vendor Britain Blacksmith
  • Jeweler’s Key – Holds small and large gems – No known current location
  • Goldpan Storage – Holds Goldpans and Nuggets. – No known current location
  • Three-Fingered Jack’s Goldpan Storage – Holds Goldpans, Nuggets and Large Gems – Event Only Item
  • Socket Key -- Holds all non-event augments – No known current location

Classic Quests

Mondain's Legacy

This brand-new quest engine allows for hundreds of new quest options, including the opportunity to engage in multiple quests at the same time. Some quests are very simple in nature - seek out a certain monster and kill it, for example. Others require you to explore new dungeons or areas of mystery. Still others involve crafting and reward you with new runic kits or crafting recipes. The opportunities are endless and there is something for everyone.

Quest Types

Kill Specifies a type, quantity, and in some instances, location of creatures you must kill.

Obtain Requires you to gather specific items and return them to the Quest Giver. Some items come from monsters you must slay, some items must be crafted, and other items must be found elsewhere. Some obtain quests require you to gather a certain quantity of specific items throughout your journeys.

Escort Help an NPC travel to a given location.

Delivery Take a quest item from one NPC and deliver it to another NPC.

The addition of Mondain's Legacy introduced 90+ standard quests that can be found by locating NPCs with the title "Quest Giver"

You can review the official Stratics Quest Guide or Walk Throughs which explains many details about each quest and their starting points