Custom Dungeons

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New player Dungeon

This custom dungeon was built to teach new players the basic game mechanics of fighting, killing, movement, etc. There are many encounters here that range from easy to hard

There is an easy collection quest to get new player armor and gear in the new player dungeon. Collect the green gems dropped from the green colored monsters and then return to the green vendor stone to redeem for the LRC gear.

You can enter the dungeon from the moongate, Britain castle or in Serpent's Hold.

Ogre Dungeon

This is a completely custom dungeon inhabited by ogres of different kinds. Three bosses within will test your wits and prowess.

Even though this is the easiest of the current custom dungeons, the end boss is not to be taken lightly, powerful melee attacks coupled with strong magic attacks.

Colossus Dungeon

Inhabited by the dreaded colossi, Malicious Wyrms, Bloody Mary as well as a couple of custome tameables.

Dragon's Nest

Jurassic Island

Buccaneer's Dungeon

Bio Engineer Dungeon

Standard Dungeons

See Standard Dungeons