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There are many types of traditional/custom crafting on UO Darwinism. The major catagories are:


Blacksmithing is custom on UOD and has some unique features. There are many custom additions, including new ore types, runic hammers, and new bulk order deed (BOD) rewards.

How to Blacksmith

Double-click on a smith's hammer or tongs while in the vicinity of a forge and anvil. A gump will open displaying the types of armor and weapons you can make (based on your skill and your current supply of metal). Select the item you wish to make, and if you're successful an item of that type is created.

How to repair and item

Select the anvil icon in the selector window to attempt to repair a metal item, then click on the item you wish to repair (note that on a botched repair attempt, it is actually possible to damage the item further, or even destroy it completely). Some metal is lost every time an item is reforged, so you cannot keep reforging the same item into something else and back again.

Note: Blacksmithing is extremely expensive skill to raise for a new player. Mastering blacksmithing may take 50k worth of ingots.

Also see: Self Repair and Durability

How to GM Blacksmith

Buy your skill up to 33, then work on the smaller items to get to 55 skill. After that you the following chart to raise your skill at a fast rate

Players have suggested several ways to GM your blacksmith skill quickly

Items to make:
55.0 - 73.0 = 10,500 ingots (Katanas) 52.2 per .1
73.0 - 80.0 = 6,500 ingots (Katanas) 84.4 per .1
80.0 - 86.5 = 7,500 Ingots (Plate Gorgets) 102.7 per .1
86.5 - 90.0 = 5,000 ingots (Plate Gorgets) 131.6 per .1
90.0 - 94.6 = 7,000 ingots (Plate Gorgets) 137.3 per .1
94.6 - 96.1 = 5,000 ingots (Plate Gorgets) 294.1 per .1
96.1 - Grandmaster = 13,000 ingots (Plate Gorgets) = 302.3 per .1

A player suggested this method:
55 - 72 kryss or cutlass
72 - 90 short spear
90 -100 plate gorget

A player suggested this method:
50-55 Maul
55-65 Cutlass
65-70 Scimitar
70-72 Broadsword
72-81 Kryss
81-83 Katana
83-93 Short Spear
93-98 Spear
98-GM Plate Gloves

UO Darwinism has a custom crafting skill system. There are many items, clothing and hammers that can enhance your blacksmith skill to 240+ The following chart shows the minimal skill needed to use the special runic hammers

Hammer Type Skill Needed

Dull Copper 60
Shadow Iron 70
Copper 80
Bronze 90
Gold 100
Agapite 110
Verite 115
Valorite 120

Many traits can be added to weapons to enhance the weapon by purchasing deeds. You can add self repair, spell channeling, one-handed, slayer, Weapon Leveling System and many other improvements through the deeds

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Stratics Blacksmith Guide


There are many custom additions, including new leather types, runic sewing kits, and additional BOD rewards.

UO Guide - Tailoring
UO Guide - Tailoring BOD Guide

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Bowyer/Fletching Guide

Custom Resources - Minimum Crafting Skill


Dull Copper 60
Shadow Iron 70
Copper 80
Bronze 90
Gold 100
Agapite 110
Verite 115
Valorite 120


Pine 60
AshWood 70
Mohogany 80
YewWood 90
OakWood 110
Zircote 115
Ebony 120


Spined Leather 60
Horned Leather 70
Barbed Leather 80


Carpentry Guide


Alchemy Guide


Inscription Guide


Tinkering Guide

Taming Crafting

Tamers can make items such as shrink potions, dyes, leashes, etc, all in relation to taming, using the Brush tool (bought from Animal Trainers).

See Animal Taming

Craftable Artifacts

Craftable Artifacts


You can improve the attributes of a weapon by obtaining a Socket Weapon and adding special gems, called augments, to improve the weapon's performance.

See Sockets/Augments


This system has been removed and is being rescripted for balance

You can improve the attributes of a weapon by using the Imbuing Skill.

See Imbuing


See Magic Item Crafting