Contract System

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Contract System

This custom Contract System allows you to visit a contract dealer and select what contract you want to fulfill. Once you have the contract, there is a limited time to complete the contract. A contract, in simple terms is what you get you from a contract dealer that directs you to do a task or series of tasks for a reward. Each contract dealer will refresh the contracts available after a specific period of time has expired, each deal has its own timer. When you accept a contract for a specific category you will not be able to get a new contract for a certain period of time.

Types of Contracts

In general, these are the types of contracts you can choose to complete:

  • Make this Item
  • Do this Task
  • Collect these Items
  • Kill this Monster
  • Tame this Animal
  • PVP Bounty Contracts

Players can only get one "Type" of Contract at a time. For clarity, when you read the Contracts that are offered, you will see "Type: XXX XXX" (Example: Type: Dragon Crusade). There are several offerings for each category so choose carefully, based on time and difficulty. As we develop this system we will be adding many more contracts and types.

Merchant Ledger

You can purchase a "Merchant Ledger" from the Britain Banker or Minter. It is a blessed item. This ledger allows you to see the Contracts you have gathered. "Merchant Ledgers" are transferable between your characters, but the actual Contracts are not. Contracts are assigned to the character that originally received it.

Contract Rewards

The rewards are based on the difficulty of the contract.

Locations of Contract Dealers

The location for the Dragon Crusade Contract Dealer is SW of Brit Bank area, where the 4 hut/houses are (follow the road out of SW BB area, & keep following South, then take 1st road branch to the east).