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Botany, Plants and Seeds

Botany Guide

Gardening is a non-Skill based activity that any player can do. You can grow many different types of uniquely colored decorative Plants, some of which even produce valuable resources.

As your plant grows from a seed to a full-grown plant, it will need watering and potions to protect if from insect infestations and harmful fungi. Potions can be made with the Alchemy skill or bought form player vendors.

How does plant growing work?.
Plant Crossing Calculator


Sprinklers makes watering the plants a lot quicker and easier, instead of going and watering each plant individually. There are sprinklers available for water and all the potion types needed for plants. They can be bought on the Token Vendor Stone in Britain Bank or at Trinsic.

Using Sprinklers

  • Lock down the sprinkler anywhere in your house, even a different floor from your plants.
  • If you have two or more houses joined together, the sprinkler will only work on the plants that are within the original house platform that the sprinkler is located in.
  • The potion sprinklers can hold 100 charges. To fill a potion sprinkler, just drag and drop potions, or kegs on top of them. These sprinklers will also allow you to fill up to 100 uses, even if the number of charges is less than 100.
  • The Watering Sprinkler has to be refilled after each use. To do this doubleclick the Sprinkler Filling Container (in your backpack) and target a nearby water through. Then doubleclick the Sprinkler Filling Container and target the Watering Sprinkler (keep doing that untill you get the message that the sprinkler is filled)
  • Clicking on a sprinkler will give one dose of the liquid it holds to the plants that need it.
  • If your plant requires two doses, you have to click the sprinkler again.

Fertile Dirt

Fertile dirt can be used as dirt for your plant bowl. When a plant has its growth check it has a small change of getting an extra day of growth if grown in fertile dirt.

  • It takes 20 pieces of fertile dirt to fill up one plant bowl.
  • Fertile dirt can be found as loot from: Ant Lions, Earth Elementals and Whipping Vines

Gardener's Trowel

This Storage Key can be bought with gold coins at the Storage Keys Vendor Stone in Britain Bank or Trinsic. It can hold water pitchers, potions, plant bowls, Fertile Dirt and seeds of each plant type and color, including mutant plants, and naturalist quest seeds. It must be in your backpack to use.

  • Looted seeds from monsters will be identified in the Gardener's Trowel (Blue, Yellow or Red seeds and Peculiar seeds).
  • Bonsai Seed Types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exceptional and Exotic.

Plant Growth

Every 24 hours - at the time you last maintained them - a plant will take a "growth check". The check will fail unless it's been in a valid growing location (eg. locked down in a house) for at least 24 hours from the last server start. A check failed in this way means nothing happens - the plant will not change for better or worse.

Typically plants will advance one stage each growth check, though they will stay at the same level if they are unhealthy. Seeds planted in Fertile Dirt have a chance of advancing two stages in a single night. The current growth stage is written in the top left corner of the plant's display window, revealed by double clicking on it.

Plants begin at stage one. When they reach stage seven, their true form becomes revealed. They can then pollinate and then be pollinated by other plants.
They will not advance beyond stage nine, though at this stage some will start to produce Seeds and other plant resources.

Plants grow under these conditions:

  • When lockdown or secured in your house (not in a container), plants will have a growth check and update each reboot.
  • Seeds in a lockdown/secured bowl will take two reboots for its first growth update.
  • Plants will grow at every reboot if they are not diseased, infested, poisoned, whether you log on or not (plants locked down/secured in a house will continue to grow and require care daily. If you don't log on for several days, your plants will become dead twigs.)
  • Plants in your backpack, bank box or stored inside an unshrunk beetle will update at reboot time each day. These plants will get a growth check only when you log on. If you do not log on for 7 days, your plants will only have one growth update at your next log on time.

Plants will not grow under these conditions:

  • Plants will not grow in a container locked down/secured in a house.
  • Plants will not grow on a player's vendor.

You can stop plant growth for future pollination by placing it inside a secured container until they have another plant to cross pollinate it with. The plant will then be in stasis.
When you're ready to tend your plants again, just take them out and lock them down. Happy gardening!