Archaeology System

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Archaeology System

This custom Archaeology system allows you to dig up lost artifacts and deco, if you are lucky you may even find a secret tomb to explore...but beware, you never know what evil may be unearthed!

First you need to train up your skills in Item ID, Cartography, Find Hidden, and Mining. The better the skills the better the chance to find the secret tombs and treasure vaults. Also luck is factored in to find the rarest of the tombs!

To open up many of the chests, you will need high lockpicking skill or you may miss out on some of the loot!

You need to obtain an Archaeology Book to learn the skill/ability and then an Archaeology Brush to dig with in any sandy area such as beaches and deserts.

You need to dig up 10 artifacts and deliver them to the museum curator in order to enter a tomb. It you discover a "Priceless Artifact" you can use your Forensic Evaluation skill on the item to estimate the value.

Priceless Artifacts

When digging for the artifacts, you may uncover a "Priceless Artifact" that will display an estimated value. You can take this item to an NPC called "Artifact Fence" and haggle over the price.

Each "Priceless Artifact" has a chance to go up or down in value, based on your begging skill and luck skill. After you have exhausted all of your haggle attempts, the item will display an "Appraised Value" and can be sold or collected as deco.

Tomb Raider System

Added to the Archaeology System - 10 new treasure vaults

On occasion, while digging, you may uncover a tomb (It looks like a chaos shield) that reveals a teleporter. Double click the teleporter to enter the treasure vault. There may be times when you find and empty vault or one that has already been raided.

The treasure vaults can be Level 1-5 and are determined randomly. The better your luck and skills, the better chance to find the rare artifacts and the level 5 tombs.

You need these minimum skills in:

  • Forensic Evaluation (higher the better)
  • Begging (for haggling artifact prices)
  • Mining 120
  • Detect Hidden 110+
  • Item ID 100+
  • Cartography 110+
  • Lockpick 110+

Plus high luck to uncover these hidden tombs

WARNING! The tombs are for advanced players! There are no places to resurrect and are very dangerous places. Make sure you have your self-res available before you enter and insure your items! Since the tombs are random locations and you need keys to enter, it is difficult to return to your body if you exit. If your body decays here you will lose your items...mwahahaha!